Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Puzzleman makes his appearance

Carson is a sleepy little town, nothing much happens here. We occastionally get spurts as new cachers appear on the scene, then they slowly vanish for one reason or another.

Enter Puzzleman.

For locals, take Abe's energy, John's passion, Randy's cleverness, Cornelius Root's deviousness, and find waldo's love of puzzles, blend well, and once settled - twist... hard.

Each new cache he puts out, you can see is just practice. Building upon each other, testing the waters, seeing what will be accepted and what he can get away with.

After becoming friends and getting a front row seat to some of his ideas, I can only say I'm glad he's on our side.

NevadaWolf found What Does He Fix?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Diabolical hide

After a clue given by Puzzleman at the party last night, Trekrr and I went after What a Waste and found it blatantly sitting in the bush. It was not there when we looked originally! It was meant to be on the ground!

So we found that one, and another nearby and again, Carson was cleaned out for me.

Now, a few nights back, Bern called us diabolical. I took offense to that. Really, I've only been a little evil, maybe dastardly. Nothing that warranted Diabolical...yet.

An idea had been floating around in my mind for years, ever since I met Team Alamo for the first time - and he had a UV light in the truck. Oh the possibilities. Four years later, the fruits had finally ripened and it was time to lay our a master-stroke of wickedness!

Between Trekrr and I we got the pieces in place, we'd found the area, and we set up the first UV cache in the Carson area and the first I'd ever seen throughout Nevada. Specifically designed to be done at night gave it an even bigger twist, added to that was an area few ventured into that had a lot of twisty roads, and one wicked stage that I hoped would throw everyone for a major mental hard-left.

Carson, you're in Check. 12/21/2008
NevadaWolf found What a Waste., A little birdy told me . . .

NevadaWolf placed Now *This* is Diabolical
Note - the logs are great! Read through them and then come do this cache!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Massive party

The GBES White Elephant and Farewell jahoadiandjohn Party!

Of course I had to go to the party. The last chance to see John, who has become such a prominent figure in our community, who through his sheer force of personality and passion for everything has inspired and energized an entire state? There was no way I was going to miss it!!

Nor, it seemed, was anyone else. For a party that typically averaged 30 people, this one overflowed into the main restuarant, easily exceeding 80 people and some where guessing 100. The place was PACKED!!!

Absolutely incredible and a ton of fun! The gifts went around, but there were so many that there was no way anyone was exchanging anything, it took too long simply to get them out. Then John's speech thanking everyone and giving his own farewell. Jodi was there as well and she ended up with tons of stories as she thanked all of us for keeping an eye on her wayward husband.

I saw a ton of friends and met many many more - the biggest surprise for me was when Char, CeeBeeNV, pulled me over to introduce me to someone I didn't know. He laughed and said he had the advantage cause I'm silly and post things like my picture on my profile page. So tonight's when I finally met Puzzleman, after chasing him around Carson for the recent FTF's.

Tonight was certainly memorable and I'm EXTREMELY glad that I was able to go.

NevadaWolf atteded GBES-I'm Dreaming of a White (Elephant) Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

King's Canyon Adventure

Well, Trekrr had gone back out and DNF'd "What a Waste" again, so he was able to follow Big Truck Crew and Lil' Miss Muffit up to a new cache on the King's Canyon Road going up to Spooner Summit.

Later, he asks if I want to go up. Well, duh!!! So, we pile into the 4Runner and head up the hill. Note there's snow on the ground and we're climbing a steep, narrow dirt road into the high Sierra. Yeah, this is intelligent.

We find the cache easily enough, and then decide to continue on, testing if the road was fully passible to a rig like mine.

It was a great climb, a couple of really narrow spots, one that got my heart racing, and overall a fun excursion onto a little used road.

It was so fun, that when we got to the place geolinux and I had found a couple years back, I dug out the ammo can in the back and we hid our own cache, called King's Canyon Adventure.

NevadaWolf found Pirates Bootty

NevadaWolf placed King's Canyon Adventure
Note - this has since been found, the FTF is not only brave, but incredibly insane. Read and Learn.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another hike and some in-towns

I've gotten to the point where there are so few in Carson that keeping a streak is almost impossible. Rather, it is impossible.

However, the ones I do have prove to be enjoyable hikes when I finally get my lazy tukas up there. Today was no different. There's a cacher named The Huntsman, or Duke.Johnson, or a variety of other names that he changes his placements to. Nearly all of his are hikes. They eventually lead to great views, but then the cache itself is typically a micro/small.

One has been staring at me for awhile. Up Voltaire Canyon is Stonehenge over Carson. I know how to hike it, but I also am lazy and enjoy finding out how close I can drive it. So up Voltaire I go and not only discover someone has paved the road further back, but that there's a rinky Jeep trail that climbs the ridge. So, I drive until the off-canter decomposing granite proved to much for the quad tracks I was following. No way am I taking my 4Runner up there!

Time to hoof it.

Once I got to the top, I was treated to a beautiful panorama of Eagle and north Carson Valleys. And great rocky outcroppings at the top! Okay, it was worth it even if the cache was a mini metal locker.

Later, b0neZ, kindergeek, and I go out and clean out the remaining handful of caches in Carson. Now I'm down to new caches, and three tougher hikes within 5 miles of the house. I'll get it cleaned out!

NevadaWolf found Stonehenge over Carson, Pirate Skool, These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things - #1, Diamonds Next To Jesus

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A hike and diabolical FTF

Decided today was far to nice to just stay indoors, so headed up to one of the few hiking caches left to me in the area. I've been up to the waterfall area of King's Canyon often enough that the hike wasn't a surprise for me, though it was still a workout since I haven't done much walking thanks to the weather. However, I made it with minimal rests and was able to sit and log the cache, then just sit ans watch the residents of King's Canyon go about their lives. It was fun watching one guy walk on his roof - that looked ground level to me far above him - and put up the Christmas lights.

Later, as Trekrr and I were heading back from Reno, I get a notice about a new cache in town. Quickly pulling it up on Google Maps, I see it's in the old K-Mart parking lot, which has been empty since the Big K declared bankruptcy. We head for it and hope to score an FTF. Spent far to much time there and succeed in finding only scratches and bruises from being poked by the branches. Called it quits and then saw two more pop up! Go RoadRunner!

We race over to the second, guided by Google Maps, and sure enough Trekrr scores. And it's an FTF for us!!

The third was placed by my friend, Bernsports, and included a long tale of how he and his son lost their tennis ball, so placed a cache instead. We get to the site, scour around for awhile, find a tennis ball - then find the cache. Trekrr decided it's be hysterical to 'log" the ball and put it in Bern's mailbox. Which we do....

I love tormenting this poor guy, especially at a quarter to midnight. He however refused to leave his house to check his box, doing that instead the next morning at 7am. He later tells us his wife had fallen asleep on the couch, near the door, and his desire to not wake her up saved him from our "Diabolical" plan.

Those words would later haunt him...

NevadaWolf found Echidna, L+L=Love, Game, Set, & Match!

NevadaWolf couldn't find What a Waste.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend - Day 3

Sunday, today was the day!

First, though, as the organizer of the cache explosion upon Tonopah, I needed to do some maintenance. Understand, prior to October 20th, 2007, Tonopah had two active caches, three total that I knew about. After that date, Tonopah had 67 caches throughout the town and surrounding area. That's what happens when you bring 56 cachers to a town that has nothing. There's even been a few added since which will make my next trip down there a fun one.

Anyway, so we ran around checking on the caches I knew had a problem, cleaning up the ones that had been archived due to lack of maintenance (I'll get down there eventually!) and generally checking up on things. SKWERL, who missed the event, was able to add a very quick 20+ to his count in those few hours before we finished with what I knew had to be worked on, and we headed out of town.

First stop was Orizaba. Neither Dad nor SKWERL had been there and I was able to enjoy the site under the morning sun. Still a spectacular location. We then debated if it was easier to turn around and head back by Montezuma's Revenge, or continue north and bag a couple up by Gabbs.

If you aren't a Nevadan, or haven't been here, grab a map. Find Tonopah (about the center of the page) look northwest until you find Hawthorne, then go a bit east till you see Luning, then look north to Gabbs. Yeah, that's what we were considering heading out to. Measure it. This is a big empty state (to anyone but Texans and Alaskans).

So, the vote was to head back to Miller's rest stop along the power line road. We bounced our way along, grabbing the caches out that way, and when we got to Montezuma's Revenge, we discovered the road turned to a mucky muddy soup. So, once the cache was found and we were lined up on the powerline road again we headed out. Imagine if you will one Jeep Rubicon, and one Toyota Tacoma, and add in one long stretch of muddy road.

Yep, the boys had fun and this gal got pictures!

Once at Miller's, SKWERL couldn't resist pulling his nasty muddy filthy Jeep right up next to a beautiful showroom shiney Rubicon. Clean Jeep, Dirty Jeep - I know who the Dirt Gods favored that day!

Then we were off to another earthcache, this time up in an area of eroded lava flows. Breathtaking scenery and wonderful formations! Plus some scrub cactus growing throughout the area. But the day was growing late and the goal of the whole trip was still ahead of us. We hit the pavement, grabbing one more cache along the way, then made it to our thank you to Skwerl for all he's done, and for his Delorme Challenge that got us out exploring the state.

Two years, almost to the day, this little cache has sat out in the desert awaiting this moment. I'll post here SKWERL's log as this was all for him:

November 30 by SKWERL (2970 found)
WOW! There is no other way to describe this location, the cache or the people who placed it for this old SKWERL. I guess I could blame my misty eyes on the dust in the air, but I really enjoyed looking through the container that had patiently waited out in the desert for me to come down to visit. Acorn the Squirrel was unusually quiet as well, a sure sign that he, jaded as he is, got choked up too.

The entire journey was filled with great caches, and memorable trips, in the mountains, through gullies, across the flats, in the daylight and in darkness.

My sense of anticipation continued to build as I travelled into The Sump to document my journey and claim the FTF prize. The prize was great and I will use it to find a memorable keepsake, but in truth I already received the most wonderful gift....

Thanks for the cache and for the adventure guys!

(and yes I did originally submit this with a three word log for anyone who had this on a watchlist )

Yeah, he submitted a mere TFTC originally and that's what popped up on my Owner email. The rat.

We hiked through the Sump in a speed race of only an hour. Managed to get to the opposite end before we had to turn back, but I know that all of us will continue to visit over the years.

There was one last cache to get and that was up above the Sump. I hadn't been there before and now am recommending both to simply get a feel for the sheer scale of the place. Down below, everything towers above you and you don't get to see much beyond the area right around you, above everything is laid out before you but looks so amazingly small that one could be fooled into thinking that the Sump is a minor footnote. I highly encourage you to visit if you can.

Finally, we headed back, took the pavement up through Hawthorne (a visit better forgotten) and then turned to head to Yerington. Here SKWERL had to leave as he was heading home and to continue following us would have put him home really really late. Dad and I continued on to grab his other letterbox in Wilson Canyon and I ended up climbing the slope of the canyon wall in utter darkness with only moments of the Mega-Spotlight illuminating the hill. Found the cache using the light of the GPS and once back at the truck, spent another endless time staring straight up at the stars framed by the black canyon walls.

It was a great ending to a fantastic weekend. I'm glad we were finally able to sync our schedules and I'm glad that SKWERL has taken it upon himself to get us lazy desert rats out of the cities and into the wilds of the Great Basin.

NevadaWolf discovered "Nomans River (FL)" Red Jeep Travel Bug

NevadaWolf found Tuff Stuff, Volcanic and Sedimentary Rocks of the Monte Cristo, Brothel Junction, De Sump "mini Grand Canyon", (Letter) Box Canyon

NevadaWolf posted a note for Orizaba Express, Gateway to The Sump - SKWERL's DeLorme Challenge

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend - Day 2

Woke up early and did my exercises before heading downstairs to meet up with SKWERL for breakfast. We were out the door first thing in the morning and our goal was to desert all traces of modern life and head into the distant past!

First stop, Golden Arrow, historic ghost town that has been reduced to ruins. But still in an interesting area and one can certainly seen the mark left by man. Even saw some antelope, but that'll get better later on.

Then we headed to 37th Fighter Wing, a great cache that took us through a narrow valley, through a sage forest, and bouncing up a rocky hill, only to hike the easier section of the road. That cache, while uninteresting on its own, was placed it a truly wicked location. A sweeping overlook of the entire valley, perched above the northern part of Nellis Air Force Base. Sadly, didn't see anything in that regard.

Down the hill again and we followed a new road out to head back to Golden Arrow. It was along this stretch that we saw tons of wild horses (truly wild as these bolted at the sound of our engines, unlike those near VC that could care less about vehicles) and another herd of antelope that ran straight across the road. SKWERL got some cool pictures of that one! We were making out way towards Bellehelen, where we scored our first FTF that weekend (not counting the beta-testing for Letter's to Diana.

Back on Highway 6, we headed out towards Project Faultless, another underground atomic detonation site, with far more visible results. We puttered around there for awhile, taking a ton of pictures and generally ensuring that if radiation was still in the area, we would all glow nicely. We checked out the virtual there, the nearby traditional, the close Earthcache and the other traditional. Not bad for one site. But seeing the devestation that the explosion wrought on the valleys natural fault lines really drove home how powerful those bombs are.

Continuing out Highway 6, we made a stop at Lunar Crater and gave SKWERL a chance to see that marvel, then headed over to Easy Chair Cinder Cone. The earth cache was easy, though I don't approve of the traditional as I think it's in a poor place without any prior warning on the cache page. But that's my opinion, it was still an awesome location.

Across highway 6 we came to the Black Rock Lava Flow. Imagine taking a paper cup filled with chocolate syrup, cut a slit in the side of the cup, and watch the syrup flow out into a big ugly mess. Now imagine that on mountain scale and you'll have a picture of this flow. The earthcache was a quick one, and we headed back to the traditional that was hidden up inside the flow. Per a prior log, it's actually hidden, not in the cooled lava, but in a piece of the actual volcano itself. COOL!

As the sun started going down, SKWERL announced he also wanted to get the earthcache at Meteorite Crater, so we headed that way, racing the waning sunlight. As we approached ground zero, there was almost utter darkness around us. I pointed off to the right, SKWERL swung around and our headlights simply vanished into a gaping hole in the desert floor. I won't give the dimentions as they are the answer to the cache, but needless to say, the thing is HUGE! It took two rigs with beams on high, plus Dad's ultra-powerful million watt spotlight to light up the opposite rim and all we could see of SKWERL was his tiny headlamp way on the other side.

Spent considerable time there before turning back and heading back into Tonopah. A long drive there, and I think I crashed out about halfway back. Whoo Hooo, day 2 was a complete success and the finale hasn't even happened yet!

NevadaWolf found 37th Fighter Wing, Bellehelen, Project FAULTLESS, Don't Worry Be Happy, Volcanic Rocks near Project Faultless, Nuke 'Em, Easy Chair Crater Cinder Cone, Nye County, Nevada, Easy Now, Black Rock Lava Flow, LavaFlow, A Meteorite Crater, or Not, Blackbox, Warm Springs Cache

NevadaWolf placed The Unknown Soldier geocoin standing watch

NevadaWolf retrieved Blake's Bike Bug

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend - Day 1

After a great dinner with b0neZ's family, went home and failed to get to sleep all night so simply stared at the ceiling waiting for 3am.

Once "awake", Dad came by to pick me up and then we were off to Fallon to meet up with SKWERL who had arrived last night. A quick breakfast in Fallon started our great adventure!!

First stop, Project Shoal. You can read more about it here: Project SHOAL Wow, just saw that my first tip to the site was four years ago! Time sure flies!! Anyway, we scouted around the area for awhile, taking pictures and exploring odd pipes sticking out of the ground throughout the site. Then we were off towards Austin, of course picking up a few caches along the way. Quick drive-bys that didn't require much thought or effort. The nice thing about having numerous State Historical Markers is that, while just as easy as a LPC, there's a least something interesting to learn and they aren't located in boring parking lots.

Out past Austin, we hit the new cache at the reststop closest to the Geographic Center of the State along Highway 50. Churm used to have one there, but now there's one just jinxed95. Quick stop to stretch the legs, then it was time to hit the dirt.

Heading south on "highway" 82, little more than a dirt trail, we come to the true Geographic Center of Nevada. Having done this before, Dad and I learned the trick to the multi and he waited near the final while SKWERL and I headed to the start. A tromp through the desert, going from point to point, was a great way to work out the kinks of driving so long. All three stages are in dire need of repair, but at the time, we didn't have anything suitable.

Afterwards, it was onto Diana's Punchbowl. Unfortunately, the cache there had been archived due to lack of maintenance (and oh boy did it need it! I went to pick it up and took the top half while leaving the bottom half stuck in the dirt. Oops). SKWERL had brought along his letterbox replacement, so the final cache for the Oldest Cache Challenge is now in place. Spent a lot time at the hot spring. It's one of those marvels of the desert you don't believe in till you see it!

Continuing south, we needed a way to hop over from Monitor Valley to Big Smoky Valley, but none of the roads looked reliable on the map. Eventually just went, "Take the first one!" and we began the trip through the dry streambed / road until we came to the base of a huge strip mine - where there was a sign "Big Smoky Valley 14 miles" Whoo Hooo! That turned out to be the coolest road and one of the most beautiful canyons I'd been in. I think Ripley Canyon is the only comparison.

Coming out of the canyon, we hooked up with Highway 376 and got the Big Smokey Valley cache. Our goal was hitting as many of the oldest caches we could over the course of the weekend. Then it was onto Tonopah!

By now, the sun was going down, and we were once again heading to XKD-380, the oldest active cache in the state, in the dark. Thankfully, I'd been out with MooseMob and Company during the Tonopah event in the daylight and knew the shortcut up the outcropping. Took a long time to find the cache, I came near to fearing a DNF!! But SKWERL found the red thermos and the cache was ours!

Back at the trucks, we took advantage of the fact we were in the middle of nowhere, far from any towns, or highways, or lights, and just stood leaning against the truck staring at the star-filled sky. Horizon to horizon, a full thick Milky Way stretched over our heads, millions of stars glittering in the moon-less night. We even saw the International Space Station! That moment, in utter silence, was absolutely perfect!

It was back into town with us, grabbing a few other caches along the way. A very full day and it's only Friday!

NevadaWolf discovered Acorn's Rides

NevadaWolf found It's Lonely Out Here, SHM #111 Edwards Creek Valley, SHM #135 New Pass Station, 50 Rest, Letters to Diana

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slight break

Not much has been happening since the flight. Mostly picking up a few caches here and there. Fun little FTF game myself and three others have got going lately.

Picked up a few caches in Tahoe when we went up there for a birthday dinner.

Attended the Flash Mob and fished in the Atlantis fountain, then had breakfast afterwards.

A run out highway 50 to check on one of my watched caches who's log was full and then some caches in Fallon on the way home.

But it's all right, come this weekend, I'll finally be able to head to Central Nevada with SKWERL to pick up his DeLorme Challenge final and grab some caches in the remotest part of the state.

I'm jazzed!!


NevadaWolf found Abe's Prize Geocash


NevadaWolf found Wood-boring Bivalves

NevadaWolf found Alien Sighting Guaranteed, Loneliest Rock, What the Huck!!!, Fly Navy

NevadaWolf found Right in Front of Your Face!, Mind Over Matter, Poleter-gist

NevadaWolf adopted Como Over Here

NevadaWolf found North Park
NevadaWolf didn't find Goni Trail

NevadaWolf found Check Out the Tome Collector

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Playing with YouTube

Okay, time to see if I can actually do this.

Here's the gentle spiral that happened right after we released from the tow plane:

And here's the acrobatics that Jon, my pilot, performed towards the end of the flight. Don't watch if you get vertigo easily.


What can I say? COOL!!!!!

So my birthday rolled around and my Dad asked what I wanted. I'd been thinking about Amtrekker and admiring his resolve to just do the things he's always wanted to. Well, I think I'm going to start living like that.

I've grown up here, I know the fun things to do here (even if I haven't done them), and I know what I'd like to do... one day.

One of which is soaring high above the Sierras in a glider. So enough of One Day... Let's do it Today!

And I did.

We arrived at the Minden Airport at 10:30a, a half hour too early, so we grabbed a quick bite at the Taildragger Cafe - a restaurant we were entirely clueless about until just then, and then headed over to the office of Soar Minden and checked in.

Outside, we watched some skydivers and other gliders take off and land around the valley. Then, my turn. I get strapped into the glider, waited as we were pushed into position and latched onto the tow plane. The line grew tighter and soon we were rolling faster and faster down the runway.

Take off!

The ride was absolutely incredible and the views were breathtaking! I've never seen the mountains nor the Lake look so remarkable. Words failed me about halfway through the flight as I could only sit dumbfounded and staring out the canopy.

Course, I ended up with the stunt pilot. As we released and hung 13K above sea level and a mile above the lake, we did a slow spin to get the full panorama of the lake. Then, as we smoothly glided over to Spooner Lake, Jon asked if I was ready (silly me said Yes) and we nose dived straight towards Spooner, pulling up into a tight turn and headed back to Freel Peak. WAHOO!

Then we did it again, providing a sweeping view of all of Lake Tahoe!

Then again as we skated along the ridge of Genoa Peak to head back out into the valley and make our approach towards Hot Springs Mountain.

I'd been warned. I knew this, but I'm a glutton for punishment.

Jon asked if I was ready for some whoop-di-dos. OF COURSE!

Dive, dive, and pull up into a steep turn, before plunging down again into a spiral, nose up, and dive again into another turn. Brief level off as we're both cheering and laughing, then do it again, DIVE! Whoo hooo!

Third time - then all of a sudden my brain and my stomach got into an argument. I felt it coming on and refused to get sick in the cockpit. I froze in the seat, closing my eyes, and eliminating the twisting ground beneath me until I regained control of my reactions. It was close, but I found my limit (course, knowing me, that'll only provide me reason to find a way to push past it).

We swung around towards the runway and brought the glider in for a smooth landing that felt WAY to close to the ground. That's the difference of being only a foot or so off the ground rather than in a seat high above the tarmac in a commerical flight.

We finished off the day by heading out to b0neZ parents where hotdogs, cake, and ice cream awaited us. I passed on most of it as my stomach was still rather grumpy with me, but all in all, I don't care.

I had a BLAST!

NevadaWolf found Carson City Freeway, Is It Becoming A Pipe Dream?

Friday, October 24, 2008

A cache a day

Or at least a hike.

I decided since I've failed miserably at the 100 Push-ups Challenge, I'd start hiking instead. Right.

So, rather than attemptingt o do something massive, my idea is to simply go after a cache a day and walk to it if possible. Considering most of the caches I have left in Carson are there because they're hikers should make this goal easy.

Then I started thinking about my "streak", which is a sad little 14 days in a row of caching that I did sometime way back in 2003 or 2004. I need to fix that, even if its 15. So, now I'm trying to do a cache and a hike a day to get back in shape and beat my streak.

Here we go.

NevadaWolf found Tuatara

NevadaWolf found Timberview

NevadaWolf found Lakeview, Sort of

NevadaWolf found A Capitol Idea

NevadaWolf found Sam's one of a kind

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Earthcache Geology Trip

So, while logging the Earthcaches from the other day, I learned about a Geology Field Trip put on by UNR - including the fabeled GeoEdYOUcation who puts out most of the Earthcaches around here.

So I show up Saturday morning and we head out into the desert. I ended up riding along with an incredibly friendly family and I loved every minute of the trip.

We stopped at various sites of different volcanic flows, ancient shorelines, historic sources of minerals, and a totally AWESOME site of peralite and apache tears!

Sunday, I head up with kindergeek and b0neZ to meet with LostInReno, moonchaser, geospyder, and Team Alamo. We all head out to Fernley to grab caches since we all needed some out that way. Of course we stopped at the earthcache!

A totally fun trip and even after our little group broke apart to head off to cache areas that we each needed, it was still a blast spending the day with friends and getting out of the same ol area to get back out into the desert.

NevadaWolf found McClellan Peak Basalt Flow at Mustang, Washoe Coun, Pit of Wonders, Tears of Joy, Perlite Prospect with Apache Tears

NevadaWolf found Truckee River Route - Little Meadows, This be an adventure, Foul Ball, Shadow, Where's Pizza, All About the "F", Tankey, Stephanie's Treasure, IHO: Taylor Swift aka scraggs20, Baby Rattlers, The pot view of Fernley, Lyon's Den, Fernley Bug & Coin Inn., Fernley Loves Geo-truckers, Truckee River Route - The Deep Sand Swales, Road side, Punch Line..."The Panda", A.H.R.:#8 RENO HIKER

NevadaWolf couldn't find House Of The Sun, Fernley Oil Field

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock art and Caching mania

Time for my yearly vacation helping the Nevada Rock Art document an INTENSE site in the mountains near Reno. This year was no exception as we've finally reached the cliff face and we're working on the largest of the petroglyphs on the site.

I can fully place blame on the NRAF for my addiction to geocaching. See, 5 years ago, while working at the Club Booth, three folks walk up to sign up for the card. They each were wearing a shirt with petroglyphs on them. I think poor Martin thought I'd mug him trying to find out information. The next day I was sitting in on the training class, and the following I was filling out a questionaire, that included asking about GPS experience...

And that led to the discovery of the game that's dominated my life ever since.

I went to work at the site that started the whole idea of forming a Foundation to protect and preserve these sacred sites throughout the Great Basin. I've worked up there six seasons now and each year I still discover new rock art motifs. I've also worked on another site that the expansion of Sparks is threatening, but my heart lies with the masterpiece.

This is also where my other "hobby" comes from. Alanah, the founder of the NRAF, discovered my handwriting. Ever since, I'm the one who's been labelling the slides taken at sites all over Nevada. I love it asit gives me a chance to see the rock art from sites that I highly doubt I'll make it to.

In addition to playing on basalt all day, I've also been staying up here in Reno and am taking the chance to go caching! I've been hooking up with a few folks, but this is my chance to get some numbers under my belt.

NevadaWolf found Watch out for loco's!!!, Can you 'ear' me now?...1, What a Rush !, Turducken

NevadaWolf found Candy Corn's Christmas Cache 2007
NevadaWolf posted a note for Shell Shocked II
NevadaWolf couldn't find The World...Goes...round-N-round...AboutYou!, JGMTC VI

NevadaWolf found The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - Pete N' Tink, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - Rockstar, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - Buttercup, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - One-Eyed Willy, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon

NevadaWolf posted a note for JGMTC VI, A Carson City Multi-Cache

NevadaWolf found Keep Your Chin Up, Galleria Overlook, House of the holy, Kiley Ranch, Troll Toll, Safe-1-Uh-Be, Golden Eagle Overlook, Dirty in Wingfield, Woody in Wingfield, Sky's the Limit, Don't get switched, Peanut butter chronicles, part II, The World...Goes...round-N-round...AboutYou!, JGMTC VI, Lovers of the Bard, Damonte Path #2, Bartholomew Cubbins, Nearly Green Power, Los Althole, Another Park Hang Out, Long's Gate, Bridge View, The Bridge Center, Beyond the Starcrest
NevadaWolf couldn't find Holey Mackeral, Par Three?, Egg Toss II, Toys in the Gutter

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lake Tahoe

Decided to head up to Tahoe today to try and clean out some of the caches up there, as well as do my part in maintaining some of the Opening Day at the Lake caches.

Dad came with and we had fun driving up and snagging caches along the way. I ended up Twittering my experience, and learned Leaky Spoon was just ahead of us, also using Twitter to track her finds.

We "followed" each other until they continued around the Lake and we stopped at the totally awesome cache of The Fire Line.


NevadaWolf found Get the Point?, Double Rewards, Mantenga Tahoe Azul, Tahoe Lookout, LT010 Kahle Park Cache, SG008 Pony Express Trail circa 1860, SG016 How Can You Be In Two Places At Once? , LT036 Bal-Bijou Dance Hall, SG024 Fire Line, LT013 Pony Express, The Jolly Green Grasshopper of Gratitude..., Keep Tahoe Blue, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=3392b652-cadb-43cd-a5c1-ecc585e39cd8, SG020 Round Hill Pines, Mile Marker # 44, LT007 Chukar Plug, SG040 County Park Walkabout

NevadaWolf didn't find A Child's Blessing

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Balloons and Burn out

Well, 2am comes way to quick when you go to bed at 10pm.

Woke up, got ready, and trekrr and I were on the road by a little after 3am. We headed straight into Reno and ended up getting caught in the traffic routing surrounding the Park. Finally found the right place, paid out $5, and ended up being the 7th car in the lot.

We found a good place to hang out and wait for the Glow Show at 5am. It was a fun time where four balloons all lit up at the same time, twinkled, and then played Dueling Balloons. The cutest was two Bumble Bees who took the turn as the guitar and you could see their pilots were having a lot of fun!

Then it was time for the Dawn Patrol. Every time I go, this is the moment to look for. The music is powerful, the balloons all rise together and they glow brightly in the pre-dawn air. Then they lift off and your surrounded by glowing spheres that slowly drift over to the brightening horizon and regardless of if lit or not present a breathtaking sight.

Afterwards we moved over to the hillside to watch the Mass Ascension, 90 balloons rising and lifting together from the fields. But that was all preceeded by a large American Eagle filling, standing tall, lifting off, and graced by a fantastic flyover of 5 planes, who flew a formation honoring Fallen Soldiers. This was all accompanied by Mike Algers, our local weatherguy, singing a powerful national anthem.

So we watched the full lift-off before heading back to Carson to meet up with b0neZ, kindergeek, BigTruckCrew, and Lil Miss Muffit to head up back to Como Mining District to check on the cache we'd luckily found awhile back. The original coords were way off, by about a quarter mile, but some logic and luck found the FTF for us. Unfortunately, the Como Fire went through shortly after and the area was torched. BTC and company went to find it a few weeks back and found only the charred remains of the penlight that once was in the cache.

Our search yielded the same, the cache was gone. So we explored the area, the numerous test holes and mine shafts - NO, we did not go in, but did toss a few depth test rocks - and found a new place for a cache in a far better location with an AWESOME view. Always better to improve upon a cache that's been essentially abandoned.

Then it was back down the mountain and off to Reno again to check out the Army surplus store that carrys a lot of AirSoft supplies. We looked through the whole store for awhile, before heading off to lunch. However, at this point it was nearing 4pm. Trekrr had managed to get one whopping hour of sleep since 9am Saturday morning. I'd managed to get 4 hours. Needless to say, we were starting to run on fumes. So back home, time to watch more mythbusters, and just crash out until bed time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another fun filled weekend!

OMG, can I smash any more into 48 hours?!

So, a while back, Podcacher interviews this guy called Amtrekker. Someone who decided "Why wait?" to do a "50 things I've always wanted to do" list. Cool. I swing over to his website, http://amtrekker.com/ and scroll through the first couple of pages. Then I see #42 on his list: Ride an ostrich. Hey, the Camel Races are coming up soon and they have ostriches! (Little did I know he already knew this). So, I shoot him a quick tweet on Twitter and start following his adventures.

What does that have to do with today? Patience!

It's another weekend and that means another AirSoft game. This time though it's up in King's Canyon and with the recent decline of my asthma condition, upon finding out just how steep the terrain was, left me sitting up on my truck rather than risk a full blown attack that left all my friends having to drag my heavy butt back uphill and then to the hospital. Yeah, I'll stay here. Unfortunately that means no pictures.

Afterwards, we head back into town, and do a quick change before heading up to Virginia City for.. you guessed it.. the 49th International Camel Races! We find our spot on the mine tailing that the rodeo grounds have been carved out of, and hunker down for a good show. And it was a lot of fun! Camels running everywhere, jockeys sometimes on their rides (sometimes not), and a large crowd having a lot of fun!

Then, it's time for the ostriches. Amtrekker, Brett, has a distictive green ball cap that let's him stick out once you know to look for it. We watched him get introduced and interviewed by the EmCee and then he was off towards the gates. On your mark, get set, GO!!! They're off, the first two birds driving forward, but the third decides it doesn't want to do anything and plops down right on the track, refusing to move, and spilling its rider. Guess who the lucky rider was?

Well, the crew took pity and Brett was allowed to ride in the final ostrich race. So we watched more camels kinda sorta going thata way, if they felt like it. There was a zebra who preformed some fun tricks and looked like he was enjoying his chance in the limelight. A trio of belly-dancers also entertained the crowd.

Back to the ostriches, Brett set up his videographer and then he climbed onto the back of another ostrich. On your mark, Get Set, GO!!! He's out first! He's pulling ahead! He's... turning around?! And around?! And headed back! Uh oh! A good solid twist of a fluffy feathered back and Brett found himself on the ground, curled up to protect himself as the ostrich tried to find it's footing - on top of Brett!

The bird was chased away, Brett was helped up, and the crowd started yelling. One of the other ostriches had jumped the fence on the far end and was standing confused at the mountain wall behind the arena. Expertly wrangled back into the field with the crowd pushed up into the higher levels of the seating area, we all got our nice bit of excitement for the day.

I took the chance to walk around to the rider's area, watched a brief interview and a rapid Twitter post and then broke in by finishing his sentence of "Just doing a quick Twitter update..." with "Yeah, and it's a pain trying to update while standing in a field!" Had a great time talking with the four of them, found out more about him and his plans for the future. An incredible guy and amazing to talk with. I'm glad I got to meet him so soon after learning of his project. I would LOVE to be able to drop everything and do the same - though I'd go out and tackle it as a major geocaching project.

A quick run out to Silver Springs and then home to sit here and type. Tomorrow morning is the Great Reno Balloon Race and I want to go up to once again see the Dawn Patrol!

I'll load photos specific to Brett's visit here: Amtrekker's Ostrich Ride

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Caching, AirSoft, and it's only Sunday

I love three day weekends, so much can happen and time goes by in spurts and stalls.

Okay, so here's the story.

Saturday, Trekrr comes by and picks up b0neZ, kindergeek, and myself and we all head out to Fallon for a day of caching and an event that afternoon. Well, I'd done a pretty good job clearing (not entirely cleaning) out the southern side of town, so we hit the North. With the four of us it should be a cake walk day.

But first, I downloaded a new program called Field Notes that'll keep track and then create a log file that can be uploaded to GC.com into their Field Notes section - and eliminates about 85% of the logging time and effort. I'm SOLD on this program.

So, Fallon we go and hit 13 caches including the event and several DNFs from my last trip out there. Plus we stopped by the September 11th memorial as we'd just been explaining to kindergeek why it was that our country was in a war - as much as you can explain such an event to a 9 year old. Afterwards, Trekrr and I headed south to Gardnerville to pick up an additional 8 caches again with some of my previous DNFs.

Total logging time 20 minutes. I LOVE this program! Read more: http://tinyurl.com/4t2y79 (link to Podcacher forums).

Okay, so that was Saturday. Sunday it was wake up early again and this time head out once again to the old Champion Speedway here in Carson. A poor wreck of a race track that has defiantely seen better days and times. News is the land defaulted back to the bank and they've taken on the challenge of cleaning it up. Until then, it gets used for airsoft and paintball games - and other... stuff.

So, the whole point is to play war. But using air guns that fire little plastic BBs around .12 grams or the Heavy .20 grams. Everyone dresses for the occastion and breaks into teams, then a situation is detailed out and then game on. Okay, so I'm not much into shooting others, even with a fake gun, so I'll shot film (or pixels in my case). Whoo Hooo, the Photographer has arrived in her bright RED SHIRT! Yeah, don't shoot me, and if you do, I now shoot back. Still, to avoid accidents or ricochets, I have a face mask.

I like watching those who are former or current military go against gun lovers who couldn't be military. The range is from a couple snipers to the pistol wielding gunslingers, even a fantasy rifle thrown in for good mix. A lot of friendly competition, and a good time had by all. I got lots of cool pictures. Only downside is the severe grafitti that crosses the line. Thankfully Photoshop is a skill I have.

Then on Monday! We discovered that kindergeek has very little basic gun safety skills, so back out onto the track to teach the boy how to handle, hold, carry, load, fire, cover, conceal, move, and other skills needed when one has a weapon in one's hand. Overall a great day out and I found that even b0neZ can't hit the broadside of a barn with a replica Famas!! I, of course, being the barn.

Later, Trekrr called to find out if we wanted to go out and find some of the EarthCaches that have recently popped up in our area. Of course! Learned about two earthquake faults, one in Genoa and the other in Silver City, and then learned a prominant hill in Six Mile Canyon is the remains of a volcanic throat! Totally cool!!

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. I'm really enjoying getting back out and doing things rather than being stuck in the house all day reading a book.

NevadaWolf found Way To Wal Mart, SKCUBRATS, Taco Zone, skater park, Alley Cache, Micro Cache, "The Handyman" Cache, Hay, can i have a ride?, Desert Seeking, LoneSack, Union Pacific, Star Zone, 2007 Carson Valley Scouts Cache, INK-N-OIL, D's Grand View, HSF, Old Mendes Meat Market, Old School, welcome to winhaven, Jack's Valley #7

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Carson City's 150th Birthday

It's a Mega-Cake.

Today took a break from caching and decided to join int he festivities marking the 150th anniversary of Carson City's birth. For on this day, the deed to the property of Eagle Station was transferred over to Curry, Musser, Proctor, and Green - who founded the town that would become the capitol.

Hopped on my bike and rode down to the museum, which is the former US Mint, and waited my turn in line for the freshly minted medallions commemorating the occastion. It's fun to watch the old stamp press out coins and know that this piece of history used to press out legal US coins with the famous CC mark.

Wandered over to the parking lot of the Nugget where booths were set up for local vendors and the chili cook-off. Got to finally meet Tony and Local Lady from CarsonTalk.com. But since my mouth is not a chili fan, I rode over to the Children's Museum where a street carnival was taking place. Had fun playing some games, eating italian ice and learning some geology from a UNR representative. Bout this time, Dad called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch at the City cafe and bakery at the other end of town.

There are times when riding a bike through town is the best, for you get to see those small moments that give towns their character and charm. I love going through the capitol grounds when the trees are completely filled with leaves and the sunlight is filter through as a soft breeze sways the branches.

Enjoyed my lunch and headed over to the library in an attempt to get enough passport stamps to receive a free t-shirt and pin. They had a great collection of historic photos, some of which I hadn't seen before, and I got a coupon for half off in their bookstore, so of course I picked up two books. Then it was over to the Brewery to watch the jazz festival. took a moment to get in as I didn't have the cash, only wanted my stamp, but once they found out I'd waited in line for the medallion, that got me in as the Appeal was covering anyone who got the coin. Stood and listened to some great music, fun dancing, and lots of good times, before heading back over to the Nugget for the cake.

Which turned out to be 2008 cupcakes donated by Wal-Mart in the shape of Nevada. The celebrities included the mayor, one of our senators, the state archivist, and a handful of descendants from the founders, plus the entire committee who put this one. It was a great time!

Then Dad, b0neZ, kindergeek, and I went off on an FTF attempt outside Topaz. There's a new cache placed near an Earth Crust monitoring station. An internet-connected GPS monitors the position of hundreds of points on the western half of North America. It was a cool little gizmo out there and yes we did get the blank log sheet.

This was a great day!

NevadaWolf found Earth Scope

Monday, August 4, 2008

The concept of 2000 caches

5 years, 4 states, 2000 caches. One majorly awesome adventure!

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. Thank you to the staff of Groundspeak, to the avid cachers throughout the world, and to the friends I've made along the way. Thank you and keep on caching.

NevadaWolf visited Groundspeak Headquarters

NevadaWolf found JARW #4 – Jump In and Stake Your Claim

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tunnel of Light

Abandon all hope...
Here We Go!

So, we finally made it to Seattle. I got 1995 caches and stood at the entrance to one of the most awesome adventures I had yet faced. Simply walk in and let the journey begin.

I knew what to expect, having poured over the logs from the last several years, grilling everyone I knew who had done the cache before me, and generally pumping myself up. But there's no getting ready for stepping into that darkness, listening to the water dripping through the ceiling and splashing into pools on the gravel covered ground, or watching the fine haze of mist drift out of the opening, blown by the wind that had worked it's way 2.3 miles through the tunnel from the other end.

Once you pass into the mouth, the steel cage that stands just inside surrounds you. There's enough light at first that you don't need the flashlights that all logs and people advise you to bring. But then the cage ends, the tunnel bends slightly, and there before you is the pin-prick of light - 2.3 miles ahead, the tiny little dot of the other end.

Onward, through the dark. Lights on, or off, your choice. Listen to the crunch of gravel, the drip of water, your breathing. Eventually, you begin counting something. Alcoves, reflectors, breaks in the concrete, your footsteps. Me? It's 130 steps between alcoves. 2.5 feet per step approximately, according to the numbers painted on the walls as we progressed.

After awhile Dad suggests we just start looking in the alcoves for the cache in the tunnel. It's 13 from the western end, we came in from the east. So we look. 4 alcoves later, we find it. I do the monkey bit and crawl up on a grease and soot covered piece of machinery and knock it down behind the thing. Oops. There's wood there, use it to dig it out and get muck on my hand.

The surreal moment was standing about midway through a long, dark tunnel outside Seattle, Washington, and, in the beam of my headlamp, washing my hands in the stream of water that was dripping from the ceiling.

Time ceases, footsteps count the beats of your heart, voices echo and lights waver. Eventually, so slowly you can't say when it started, but the light at the end has a shape. Then, a red beam outside. It takes you a moment to remember outside, sunlight, blue sky, clouds, colors. Closer. Almost there.

We find the red beam is the wooden post of the power lines running up over the mountain where the tunnel cuts through. Before we leave, more start coming in. There's cachers on their way back through. We share stories, home towns, and trade information on caches. They couldn't find the one inside, nor one further ahead. We thank them and continue on. Dad leaves the tunnel first, basking in the filtered light of the sun. He catches me kissing the ground at the tunnel entrance.

Outside is a cache that predates even the Un-Original in Oregon. Placed by Jeremy and friends back on October 9th, 2000, the original log book still is in the cache. Found another micro futher on, took awhile but a DNF is not possible on this epic trip. Then we were off to the prize of the while hike.

As we came around a slight bend, a half mile from the tunnel, there was a clearing with the powerlines running up the mountain. In the clearing in a dried up old tree stump with a suspicious pile of lumber and rocks built up behind it. Get the camera, record everything, see the stump, moving the rocks, drawing forth the magical APE cache, one of only two remaining in the world. It too holds the original log book, the APE logo fading under the hands of hundreds of pilgrims who have made this journey.

One thousand, nine hundred, ninety-nine caches. An adventure that I never thought possible, a journey that has literally changed my life. For here I sit, on a mountain-side outside Seattle five years after we found a simple ammo can under a juniper tree, finally living.

NevadaWolf found Bloody Fingers, Dirty Diapers..., Iron Horse, Micro Tomb Raider, Mission 9: Tunnel of Light

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