Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Puzzleman makes his appearance

Carson is a sleepy little town, nothing much happens here. We occastionally get spurts as new cachers appear on the scene, then they slowly vanish for one reason or another.

Enter Puzzleman.

For locals, take Abe's energy, John's passion, Randy's cleverness, Cornelius Root's deviousness, and find waldo's love of puzzles, blend well, and once settled - twist... hard.

Each new cache he puts out, you can see is just practice. Building upon each other, testing the waters, seeing what will be accepted and what he can get away with.

After becoming friends and getting a front row seat to some of his ideas, I can only say I'm glad he's on our side.

NevadaWolf found What Does He Fix?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Diabolical hide

After a clue given by Puzzleman at the party last night, Trekrr and I went after What a Waste and found it blatantly sitting in the bush. It was not there when we looked originally! It was meant to be on the ground!

So we found that one, and another nearby and again, Carson was cleaned out for me.

Now, a few nights back, Bern called us diabolical. I took offense to that. Really, I've only been a little evil, maybe dastardly. Nothing that warranted Diabolical...yet.

An idea had been floating around in my mind for years, ever since I met Team Alamo for the first time - and he had a UV light in the truck. Oh the possibilities. Four years later, the fruits had finally ripened and it was time to lay our a master-stroke of wickedness!

Between Trekrr and I we got the pieces in place, we'd found the area, and we set up the first UV cache in the Carson area and the first I'd ever seen throughout Nevada. Specifically designed to be done at night gave it an even bigger twist, added to that was an area few ventured into that had a lot of twisty roads, and one wicked stage that I hoped would throw everyone for a major mental hard-left.

Carson, you're in Check. 12/21/2008
NevadaWolf found What a Waste., A little birdy told me . . .

NevadaWolf placed Now *This* is Diabolical
Note - the logs are great! Read through them and then come do this cache!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Massive party

The GBES White Elephant and Farewell jahoadiandjohn Party!

Of course I had to go to the party. The last chance to see John, who has become such a prominent figure in our community, who through his sheer force of personality and passion for everything has inspired and energized an entire state? There was no way I was going to miss it!!

Nor, it seemed, was anyone else. For a party that typically averaged 30 people, this one overflowed into the main restuarant, easily exceeding 80 people and some where guessing 100. The place was PACKED!!!

Absolutely incredible and a ton of fun! The gifts went around, but there were so many that there was no way anyone was exchanging anything, it took too long simply to get them out. Then John's speech thanking everyone and giving his own farewell. Jodi was there as well and she ended up with tons of stories as she thanked all of us for keeping an eye on her wayward husband.

I saw a ton of friends and met many many more - the biggest surprise for me was when Char, CeeBeeNV, pulled me over to introduce me to someone I didn't know. He laughed and said he had the advantage cause I'm silly and post things like my picture on my profile page. So tonight's when I finally met Puzzleman, after chasing him around Carson for the recent FTF's.

Tonight was certainly memorable and I'm EXTREMELY glad that I was able to go.

NevadaWolf atteded GBES-I'm Dreaming of a White (Elephant) Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

King's Canyon Adventure

Well, Trekrr had gone back out and DNF'd "What a Waste" again, so he was able to follow Big Truck Crew and Lil' Miss Muffit up to a new cache on the King's Canyon Road going up to Spooner Summit.

Later, he asks if I want to go up. Well, duh!!! So, we pile into the 4Runner and head up the hill. Note there's snow on the ground and we're climbing a steep, narrow dirt road into the high Sierra. Yeah, this is intelligent.

We find the cache easily enough, and then decide to continue on, testing if the road was fully passible to a rig like mine.

It was a great climb, a couple of really narrow spots, one that got my heart racing, and overall a fun excursion onto a little used road.

It was so fun, that when we got to the place geolinux and I had found a couple years back, I dug out the ammo can in the back and we hid our own cache, called King's Canyon Adventure.

NevadaWolf found Pirates Bootty

NevadaWolf placed King's Canyon Adventure
Note - this has since been found, the FTF is not only brave, but incredibly insane. Read and Learn.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another hike and some in-towns

I've gotten to the point where there are so few in Carson that keeping a streak is almost impossible. Rather, it is impossible.

However, the ones I do have prove to be enjoyable hikes when I finally get my lazy tukas up there. Today was no different. There's a cacher named The Huntsman, or Duke.Johnson, or a variety of other names that he changes his placements to. Nearly all of his are hikes. They eventually lead to great views, but then the cache itself is typically a micro/small.

One has been staring at me for awhile. Up Voltaire Canyon is Stonehenge over Carson. I know how to hike it, but I also am lazy and enjoy finding out how close I can drive it. So up Voltaire I go and not only discover someone has paved the road further back, but that there's a rinky Jeep trail that climbs the ridge. So, I drive until the off-canter decomposing granite proved to much for the quad tracks I was following. No way am I taking my 4Runner up there!

Time to hoof it.

Once I got to the top, I was treated to a beautiful panorama of Eagle and north Carson Valleys. And great rocky outcroppings at the top! Okay, it was worth it even if the cache was a mini metal locker.

Later, b0neZ, kindergeek, and I go out and clean out the remaining handful of caches in Carson. Now I'm down to new caches, and three tougher hikes within 5 miles of the house. I'll get it cleaned out!

NevadaWolf found Stonehenge over Carson, Pirate Skool, These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things - #1, Diamonds Next To Jesus

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A hike and diabolical FTF

Decided today was far to nice to just stay indoors, so headed up to one of the few hiking caches left to me in the area. I've been up to the waterfall area of King's Canyon often enough that the hike wasn't a surprise for me, though it was still a workout since I haven't done much walking thanks to the weather. However, I made it with minimal rests and was able to sit and log the cache, then just sit ans watch the residents of King's Canyon go about their lives. It was fun watching one guy walk on his roof - that looked ground level to me far above him - and put up the Christmas lights.

Later, as Trekrr and I were heading back from Reno, I get a notice about a new cache in town. Quickly pulling it up on Google Maps, I see it's in the old K-Mart parking lot, which has been empty since the Big K declared bankruptcy. We head for it and hope to score an FTF. Spent far to much time there and succeed in finding only scratches and bruises from being poked by the branches. Called it quits and then saw two more pop up! Go RoadRunner!

We race over to the second, guided by Google Maps, and sure enough Trekrr scores. And it's an FTF for us!!

The third was placed by my friend, Bernsports, and included a long tale of how he and his son lost their tennis ball, so placed a cache instead. We get to the site, scour around for awhile, find a tennis ball - then find the cache. Trekrr decided it's be hysterical to 'log" the ball and put it in Bern's mailbox. Which we do....

I love tormenting this poor guy, especially at a quarter to midnight. He however refused to leave his house to check his box, doing that instead the next morning at 7am. He later tells us his wife had fallen asleep on the couch, near the door, and his desire to not wake her up saved him from our "Diabolical" plan.

Those words would later haunt him...

NevadaWolf found Echidna, L+L=Love, Game, Set, & Match!

NevadaWolf couldn't find What a Waste.