Saturday, December 6, 2008

A hike and diabolical FTF

Decided today was far to nice to just stay indoors, so headed up to one of the few hiking caches left to me in the area. I've been up to the waterfall area of King's Canyon often enough that the hike wasn't a surprise for me, though it was still a workout since I haven't done much walking thanks to the weather. However, I made it with minimal rests and was able to sit and log the cache, then just sit ans watch the residents of King's Canyon go about their lives. It was fun watching one guy walk on his roof - that looked ground level to me far above him - and put up the Christmas lights.

Later, as Trekrr and I were heading back from Reno, I get a notice about a new cache in town. Quickly pulling it up on Google Maps, I see it's in the old K-Mart parking lot, which has been empty since the Big K declared bankruptcy. We head for it and hope to score an FTF. Spent far to much time there and succeed in finding only scratches and bruises from being poked by the branches. Called it quits and then saw two more pop up! Go RoadRunner!

We race over to the second, guided by Google Maps, and sure enough Trekrr scores. And it's an FTF for us!!

The third was placed by my friend, Bernsports, and included a long tale of how he and his son lost their tennis ball, so placed a cache instead. We get to the site, scour around for awhile, find a tennis ball - then find the cache. Trekrr decided it's be hysterical to 'log" the ball and put it in Bern's mailbox. Which we do....

I love tormenting this poor guy, especially at a quarter to midnight. He however refused to leave his house to check his box, doing that instead the next morning at 7am. He later tells us his wife had fallen asleep on the couch, near the door, and his desire to not wake her up saved him from our "Diabolical" plan.

Those words would later haunt him...

NevadaWolf found Echidna, L+L=Love, Game, Set, & Match!

NevadaWolf couldn't find What a Waste.

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