Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh No!!

A MASSIVE Thanks to Team Bernsports - this day really would have bit otherwise.

Starter went out on my poor baby.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maintenance Run

Part of the responsibility of being a geocacher is that if you place caches, you maintain them. The same goes for when you adopt caches. So, today we went out and did just that.

You performed maintenance for FST: In The Next World, You're On Your Own, First look at Carson City, South, Egg-calibur, Limited Time Only, Th-Egg-rical, FST: Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers, Egg-le Station, Rest Blissfully, FST: Fighting Clowns, Carriage Park, SHM #213 - Lakeview, Welcome to Washoe, Egg-ucational, Egg-in-One, First look at Carson City, East, FST: Forward Into The Past

You hid A Round History

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Riverview Park

There's a cache out there... somewhere

You found This one might stump you

Sunday, April 6, 2008

1700 and counting!

Today was an absolutely wicked day! Course, this weekend has been an absolutely killer two days.

Last night, late last night, RoadRunner published a bunch of new caches - including a new series by abeyoni - called the A.H.R.'s or Abe's Honor Roll. In those is number 4 - NevadaWolf! Whoo hoo! I sent a text to b0neZ saying this was going to be my milestone cache.

I think I summed up today nicely in my log. Here's what I had to say to the world:

Oh my, oh my Gosh, Abe, what can I say, but thanks for including me in your honor roll. I'm not sure what this poor little wolf is to do with, now, two caches named after her...

Get FTF, of course!

Originally tried this from Wingfield Springs, thinking to make one awesome adventure out of it. But, ended up on a road leading over to Bob the Cat's honor cache - nope, that's not mine. So headed back in an attempt to find another road. Eventually found it - cutting straight through a golf course that had a rather ragged looking barbwire fence and an unfriendly sign of "Private Property with Armed Guards" errr.. not that way. Kept wheeling until we came to the neighborhood along Los Altos, and bounced our way unto pavement only to discover the wrong side of a blocked off dead end road and a friendly Sparks police officer asking us, "Now what?" hehehe, oops

Okay, so that kinda killed the adventure as b0neZ is still on the graveyard shift and needed to get home. I however was determined to bag the blank log book on this one.

Came back and headed out towards Mustang and found a rinky dirt one with one suggestive set of tire tracks on it. Headed up, and up, and up, and round, and round, and there's the cache! 170 feet! Got out of the truck and stepped into a gale-force wind storm. It pushed me right up to the cache site, right over all the slate rocks, and took my breath away. It's a good thing I've done enough of your caches cause I couldn't focus on the GPS, so just went for the obvious Abe place - and there she was.

One sweet victory and a great way to bring my cache count to 1700!!!!

Thanks Abe, you are THE man! CACHE ON BUDDY!

Yeah - this has been an absolutely prefect weekend.

You found "EUREKA", Crystal Clear, Louie, Round the Roundabout, Dum-Dum give me Gum-Gum, A.H.R.:#4 NVWOLF

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adventure in the Pine Nuts

Great day for wheeling along a really fun road and finding a great cache!!

I saw this cache pop up when it was first published - I heard KStomper talk about it at work - it was time to go get it!

Dad offered to come along as a second rig, so we all piled out the door at 9am to head off into the mountains. We bounded up the first road, winding our way into the Pinenuts and enjoying one of the nicest weekends so far this year. Though the sky was overcast and the wind was blowing lightly, it was still a beautiful day.

Hit the first stage (this being a 4 stage multi) and it was up on a ridge overlooking Carson. Unfortunately, it took a long while to find and the wind was really blowing - but we did prevail and onward to the next. I decided to be goofy and logged a note onto the cache page at each stop along the way, so the owner and the 6 folks watching this one got 4 emails from me.

The second stage turned out to be easier than I thought it would and the third stage was similar to another cache I'd found up in Reno. But between the 3rd and 4th stage, we came across two interesting spots. The first was a washout that b0neZ scouted out for us, and once given the clear, I crawled into. Dad reported that my rear tire came up off the ground by 3 feet. w00t!! The second challenge was I tried skirting a large boulder only to hit a bump in the road and slid down to within two feet of that boulder. It was dangerously close to my doors and it took a few minutes to determine how to get out of that without damage to my rig.

The final cache was a nice hike up to a rocky point with an awesome view up the canyon and out towards Slide Mountain. It was so cool being able to hang out with b0neZ and Dad - and I hope we can keep doing it every few weeks. I love exploring this state and it's something I've missed. Hopefully with a higher paying job, I'll be able to go out more often into the back roads and into places long untouched by civilization.

4/5/2008 You found Adventure in the Pine Nuts

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meet & Greet Reunion with Churm and Kell

Everyone hanging out with one of the more wicked hiders in the area - who's back for a visit.

Nice way to end the day - go to work for 8 hours, then head out for pizza and a chance to hang with a bunch of friends whom I haven't seen in a long while. It was great to have churm and kell back and to see hobobrother and willybee - charlybaltimore also made an appearance and a bunch of others.

b0neZ even went out and hid a cache in honor of the event, and placed his remaining decon container from Tonopah. Churm technically FTF'd it, but since he didn't have a pen, he headed back - and CB got the find, with me and Bill coming in right behind them.

I love events like this - they are so much fun.

4/2/2008 You found Nice to meet ya Churm! and attended Meet and Greet reunion with Churm & Kell