Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break


Okay so to sum up a fairly busy week - well, you've already seen the first two days.

Monday; never was called so spent the day around Washoe Valley clearing out the few caches I had left. The morning started in Davis Creek, the afternoon up Pagni Canyon, then later up and around the hills above Washoe City. I walked Davis and Pagni, but the DNF above Washoe City really burnt me out and so I drove to the last one. Went back to Carson to grab lunch and call the gal, but her phone was off, so I went up to Six Mile Canyon below Virginia City and drove to a cache that was WAY UP THERE. I'm not usually spooked on heights, but narrow mountain Jeep roads where there's nothing between me and the valley floor... um, yeah. I'll walk.

Tuesday; After a doctor's appointment, I headed out to El Dorado Canyon and hiked out to the lone cache out that way. OMG, this place is beautiful! I absolutely loved the easy hike (flat dirt road walk) as I crossed back and forth over the creek. The cache also was great, resting below a really funky arch that resembled a castle's gate with turrets. Then it was a hike back out to once again try camping out. Yeah - fail. I'm just too stressed over the idea of "something out there". I'll try again when the weather warms up over night.

Wednesday; Time to hike up and around Virginia City. Originally was going to hike Ophir to Jumbo and down to Washoe - hahahahahaha a mapped out 12 miles. Yeah, that ain't happening! So drove up to the "x" (where the two roads come together) and hiked up toward Mt Davidson, picking up two caches, skirting a horse herd, and plowing through a valley of snow, and about 300 ft of knee deep snow to get to the cache. And all of this before heading to Reno for a backpacking basics class at REI.

Thursday; Dad got off work early, so we headed down to Gardnerville to clear out the southern end of Carson Valley. The big fun came when we decided to get a cache 4.1 miles north of us, but the page indicated the roads were "not passable". So a 21 mile detour that took two and a half hours finally got us to that cache and now the east side of the valley is clear!

Friday; I got a note posted on my new cache from CastleDwellers saying that since I was on vacation, why wasn't there any more new caches out? Okay, FINE! I spent the day driving around and placing 8 new ones, including a revival of an awesome multi that was abandoned by its owner. RoadRunner published one in the afternoon, two in the evening while I was out watching How to train your Dragon, and the remaining five the next morning. TAKE THAT!

Saturday; Took the truck in to be serviced at the fancy new Toyota dealership, then it was back down to Gardnerville to clear out the west side of the valley. Only four were left, but it was a great adventure. The last two were really fun as one was in a Rock monkey's paradise and the other was overlooking a "closed" lake. Afterwards, we were invited to hang out with Puzzleman and Bookmarked at the Firkin Fox for dinner and to watch UFC 111. Still have no idea what's going on in those, but it's interesting to watch.

Sunday; After logging everything in, I realized I was only 6 away from the big 3000. So, before heading once again to Truckee, we grabbed 5 really quick ones in Reno. Then breakfast, where the unheard of phrase "Sorry sir, we're out of coffee" was uttered. HOW is Burger King *OUT* of coffee at 9am?? Anyway, onto I-80 we go, up to Truckee, and we set up camp at that stupid Jeffery Pine tree. Round and round we go, up and down the bark, pulling out everything that resembles a tail. An hour into it, I requested a very generic hint, and then 35 minutes later, the cache was in hand. 4 trips, 9 hours and finally that bugger was ours!

Not a bad week at all. Too bad I have to go back to work in the morning.

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3/27/2010 NevadaWolf couldn't find bailys' "not here again!"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting on the move - it's SPRING BREAK!

The extra daylight is definitely helping!

So, after work, I'm now going for a walk. And three times a week, hopefully, my Daddy will be joining me! So this week, we walked along the bike path by the prison to check on a cache stage, then circled back around the sewer to the truck. Tuesday and Thursday are my really push it days, so I tackled the face of Lakeview Hill and got right up to the shoulder below the summit (ran out of light). Wednesday, Dad and I walked the bike path by the freeway before class. Thursday I took on Prison Hill and found myself a nearto cave. Friday I was helping a classmate with the classes she missed, so nothing there.

BUT! Friday at 5pm I was officially ON VACATION!! WHOO HOO HOOO!!!

So, Saturday morning, early, I packed up my big backpack with all my camping gear. My goal: walk/hike as often as possible and carry all the gear to condition myself for the Tahoe Rim Trail. My first target was Hot Springs Mountain, and the three caches still left in that area.

Drove up to the last turn around point before entering the mountain itself, and with backpack on and loaded, began the trek up. Surprisingly, I didn't huff-puff as much as I normally do, which made me psyched beyond all belief. Got up to the first cache site and sat, enjoying my lunch, the view, and the funny whizzing sound that just went by... O_o wha?


I dove behind a big rock, smashed my back against it, and huddled as the ricochet came over the ridge right over and around me. Once the hail stopped, I grabbed my gear and raced downhill and around another hill to put more distance and dirt between me and the shooters.

The good thing about this, is that as I detoured the LONG way around them, I came upon a deer herd, one of whom was not happy I was there and motioned that I "keep moving" as s/he huffed at me each time I paused. That was just COOL!

Found the second cache with no problems, followed the trail from the tailings to the old rock house (our third cache find ever), talked with a guy carrying a big military style gun, and then set down the ravine to pick up the final cache. As I stood on the road to Sand Trap, I was pretty darn proud of myself as I had just hiked up and OVER Hot Springs Mountain. Whoo Hoo Hoo!!

But my feetsies were hurting, so called Dad for a ride, grabbed dinner, then headed up into the hills to try camping out on my own for the first time. Alas, that didn't work out so well as I just could not relax enough to sleep - I kept stressing myself out that "something" was out there.

Sunday, Dad and I headed up to Truckee to once again try for that bugger of a cache. A couple hours into our methodical grid search, the owner himself swung by and we had a great chat. He loved our string grid method and wanted a picture of it. Being very kind hearted, he gave us the general area to search, but another hour into that and we still had nothing. Ah well.

Back in town, we picked up the two new ones before heading south and clearing an area of Carson Valley. All was well and good until we DNF'd one near another archived cache. One log claimed the other cache was still there, just at the bottom of the well. So, we had to go look - and hey, there's a Myntz tin down there! Whoo Hoo! An hour of fishing with a magnet-filled bison tube snagged us the tin and we lifted it out with high expectations. What cache is this, can we find it and log it, ohh how fun!

Dad pried the rusted tin apart and we both saw old dead mints... Well, bummer!

Still made for an interesting day. No camping tonight. Tomorrow, Monday, I'm supposed to meet up with a gal who said she knew of a place in the PineNuts where a vein of garnets is right out in the open. Can't wait!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward and Seize the Day!

Today was an absolutely exciting day!

Okay, so this week, I still managed to work out (which helped today), attend class (I'm feeling more and more jazzed about classes, even scored the bonus challenge question in GIS), and bopping my way through the day.

Did however decide that my house and truck were getting WAY to cluttered! Everything was stagnant, dirty, oppressive, and it had to GO, NOW! So, I hosed off the excessive mud on the truck, cleaned it out entirely, and bought boxes for the weekend attack.

Started at the back of the house and went room to room, space to space, and if I hadn't used it in a year, it went in a box. Trash or Donate, no other option. Took most of the day between boxing, cleaning, having the truck washed and vacumed, and straightening out the mess, but in the end the house felt lighter, more open, and definitely healthier. I opened up the windows and doors and let the chill spring air circulate throughout the house, letting in both fresh air and sunshine.

Did learn that a family of cachers with a Girl Scout is helping in a Rummage Sale to raise funds for a European trip, so my destination to FISH was changed to their truck. In the end, took three boxes of clothes, stuffed animals, and knick-knacks, a bag of books and movies, and another small box of airsoft stuff and more books, all left my house without a single bit of regret.

I asked for nothing except to get this crap out of my house. But, it is a certain time of year for the Girl Scouts, and with all this working out, I'm sure I can tolerate some *Thin*ness.

Also had our monthly Starbucks get-together (next week being the usual week, but with Spring Break coming up, neither Puzzleman nor I will be available) and I think there was 18-20 folks that showed, including RenoRaiders! Whoo Hoo! Awesome time, everyone seemed really energetic and engaged and it was just an overall great meet up.

Then today was the big hike. We hit Prison hill, circled north on the loop trail, and cut down to Fat Boy Slim.

I managed to climb from the cache site inside that gap up to through the small opening at the top! WHAAA HOOOO!!!!!! Work outs are definitely helping as I doubt I would ahve had the arm strength to pull myself anywhere last month. I'm going back to play at least once a month - maybe once a week...?

Now that the time has been reset, there's PLENTY of light after work. So I'm going to be going on flat hikes three times a week and climbs twice a week. One more week until spring break, and now that the weather is warming up (mid-60's this week) I'm going to be going hiking more and more and camping once the nights are comfortable.

There's a sponsored "geocaching" campout by Carson Dodge/Jeep next month I've signed up for. Sounds fun, and I haven't jumped into anything blindly lately. Might as well go on faith and see what happens.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Hike, a Newbie, and an FTF.

Another week of not doing a whole lot. Until the weekend that is. :-)

Classes are going great, got a 100% in my math class and I'm having a blast in GIS (midterms are next week). Been daydreaming more about my nomadic life. I think it'd be awesome to buy a travel trailer, get a seasonal job with the BLM, USFS, or various camps, and live that lifestyle, just moving from place to place. The RV dealer showed me a little Shadow Cruiser (?) that was absolutely darling and seemed big enough for one person and a cat.

Yesterday was the REI garage sale and while browsing, I happened upon the biggest score! One guy was looking at a Garmin eTrex Venture HC - he put it down, I snatched it up. "Won't turn on." Hurm, new batteries and it powered on to the Garmin splash screen then died. Software issue, maybe? I put that down and spotted a guy with a DeLorme PN-40. He put that down, I grabbed it. Tag said: "turns off by itself." Um, okay, new batteries in, let's see.

While testing that, I bumped into LeakySpoon and swapped them coins (I now have a RoadRunner/MooseMob double headed geocoin), then just sat around waiting for the mysterious "turn off" of the DeLorme. While waiting, a guy walked up and asked if I was looking for a new GPS. I thought he'd found the eTrex so wasn't to eager for what he had to show. But he handed me a bag with (no joke) a Garmin Oregon 400T, $99.83.

:jaw drops:

Apparently the previous owner had installed additional maps onto the internal memory, wiping the preinstalled topo and base maps for the unit. So, the unit had NO maps whatsoever. The tag read "???may not work???". I thanked the guy and promptly sent out emails, texts, calls, tweets, ANYTHING, to let the cachers of Carson/Reno know about this steal. A friend in Carson took up the offer (or the "dreaded text" as he called it), showed up at REI and installed his 24k topo SD card. Worked like a charm!

And my DeLorme still hadn't "turned off". I say "my" because I walked out of the store with it. New toy!

Sunday morning, I met up with Puzzleman and DragonflyNV (new cacher) for a hike up the V&T hill. She scored her first 6 caches, Puzzleman picked up his remaining two, and I got a 3 mile hike out of the morning. Not bad at all.

But boy did I crash afterwards. Came home, slept, then was called by Dad to go look at high-density SD cards. After that it was a trip down south, and we picked up a few caches along the way.

Then a new one published, very near the road we were already on. I pull it up on Google and... it's in a backyard? Fiddle with the numbers a bit to match where we guessed it to be, and after an intensive search in a tree, were about to give up. We saw a few 4-wheelers pull int to fix their rigs, so stood and watched and listened to them long enough that the cache owner came out to double check his coords. Had a very nice chat, enjoyed the FTF find, admired the stars in the dark desert, then headed back in for food.

This was a good weekend.

3/6/2010 NevadaWolf grabbed Moose or Roadrunner? (Moose Mob Geocoin)
3/6/2010 NevadaWolf grabbed RoadRunner or Moose? (RoadRunner Geocoin)
3/7/2010 For Chicks Who Quilt
3/7/2010 Carson Valley Travel Bug Hotel
3/7/2010 Enter the Desert

Monday, March 1, 2010

Signs of spring

Several good things have happened: A few trees are starting to show signs of new buds, the storms are turning to rain over snow, and the sunlight is lasting longer after work. Soon Soon Soon!

So last week, I completely enjoyed the walk with neogeo_rr, his son, and nvsrvyr along the southern line of the V&T. Great day for a walk! Then nvsrvyr and I headed over to Riverview so he could pick up the Don't Be Alarmed cache. I enjoyed standing around admiring the river and (silently) laughing as he searched. We then bounced around north Carson, grabbed dinner, and headed over to Starbucks to hang out awhile before the rest of the group showed up.

17 folks in all, including a newbie from my work, three newbies who'd found a cache while out on a hide, a few folks coming back into the game, and a handful of our usual suspects. And over the course of the week, we've seen 11 new accounts/folks total pop up, Carson is waking up! But towards the end of the night, the snow began falling.

Sunday found the storm back and that cancelled our trip to Truckee. So, it turned out to be a lazy day and a single find where I was finally able to drop off the coins from Diabolical.

Nothing much happened the rest of the week. Chores, school, talking with a friend, the usual. still not hiking/working out, though beginning on March 1st, I'm changing that. I've got 20 days to get into shape for my week off and DARNIT! I'm going to do it!

This last Saturday found me out in Fallon with a co-worker and a group from the Sierra Club on a guided hike to Hidden Cave and Grimes Point, before ending at the Round House Gallery. This was the first time I've been to Hidden Cave! The intense smell of amonia (bat guano) made it hard to breathe, but seeing the condition the archaeologist students had left their excavation was totally worth it. They left half the cave untouched for future researchers and they had labeled the ground strata as well as various geological events that had left their mark, including a line of ask from the Crater Lake eruption!

We wandered around Grimes Point, then I showed my co-worker and her sister the other site I knew about. As we were walking out, I was asked where the road went. "Oh, to the quarry where there's Wonder Stone." "Wonder what?" We spent the next 45 minutes digging out wonder stones from the roadway. Wonder Stone is a reddish rock, with swirls of pink, yellow, white, and a couple other colors. I used to know how they were formed, but have forgotten that. The cool thing is these are all polished because of the water tumbling them against the sandy ground. Now whether that was from ancient Lake Lahontan, or more recent, again I've forgotten.

I finished the day by grabbing a few caches around Fallon and heading back into town and a rainstorm.

Sunday was OMG gorgeous! I hung out with Puzzleman as he introduced a new person to the sport, then went archive cache hunting (found the lid), and then finally got that pesky Earthquake cache that's been the closest cache to my house for quite awhile. Whoo Hoo! While on the phone with Puzzleman, I was struck by an awesome idea! So, between him on Google Maps and the home mapping software, and me out on the roads following his directions and relaying where I was and what I was seeing, we found a killer location for a new cache.

Course, it'll take a few trips out there to set up the logistics, but I LOVE the idea and can't wait to try to get it out there.

That's it for now. The weather is improving and soon, soon, I'll be out on the trails finding those caches up in the mountains!

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