Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Having worked so long at the casino, I still cannot get used to or predict when I get days off due to a holiday. So, this weekend was no exception. Unless I specifically plan of the three days off, I tend to forget and well, Tuesday rolls around with no idea of what to do.

Friday, was given the ok for an early out but the weather was cold and crappy so opted to just stay home and continue watching How I Met Your Mother. Odd watching a show that I feel zero connection with, though I do like Robin's independance and Barney's death grip on single hood. But seriously, I find myself thinking many times "This is what's WRONG! Can't people see it??" Anyway...

Saturday again was cold and I was starting to want warmer gear so I could ride even if it was frigid. Drove to Reno and started working my way through the various motorcycle shops I knew about. Eventually ended up at Michael's where, as I was thumbing through riding pants, another customer came up and politely yet awesomely, pitched and sold one line from Tourmaster. Not only are there two inner liners (one heavy, on thinner) but the outer covering removes to expose the inner mesh layer. I was sold, so we continued the conversation to his various tours and treks across this country and abroad. I loved that chance meeting.

With still no plan, I text around and find out my Mom is riding with her group on Sunday and Puzzleman has a plan for off road caching. I head home, grab the bike, ride back to Carson, and in transit am nearly blown off the road by wind, drenched in Silver Springs, hailed on in Dayton, and soaked again by Carson. I hook up with Tarry and Jeff at Bully's to see the UFC fight before gearing up and heading to Tahoe. BRRRR that was a wickedly cold ride! But I had my gear on so was comfortable enough to not be shivering to death.

Sunday we headed out for the preride breakfast where everyone commented on my bright green Ninja. All smiles and laughs and I really had fun. Doyle, the leader and huge guy (compared to my tiny frame...) asked to sit on it when we got to Donner State Park. He looked cute sitting on my little bike. LOL Our route took us from South Shore to Trucke, along Hwy 40 to Downeyville (got on 42 somewhere in there) and then back to Truckee through Sierraville, and then home. Great fun twisty curvy ride and I was able to keep up with the group with no problems. Hung out at Mom's for dinner before cruisen back down the mountain to hang out at Dad's.

Monday, Puzzleman and I went out along Leviathon Mine Rd to gather up the series of caches along there. 38 of those plus two others was the score for the day. That was is a great one and wound its way back into the mountains and up and over the range until we got to Monitor Pass. I loved that route, the views were phenomenal and the day was beautiful. Cme back down Monitor to 395 along Topaz where NDOT (CDOT?) was completely removing the highway to repair it. Ugh, that was slow. This was also shortly after the Topaz Fire and we were thinking of going to check on a cache we hid with a friend. But our stomachs were demanding attention so back to Minden and lunch. Afterwards we headed home and I was able to catch up with my Dad to go see Avengers (again, love Tony Stark) before gearing up and heading home.

Relaxed and quiet weekend. Not too many pictures, though I will load them soon. Need to figure out a system to get pics while on the bike. I'm loving the GoPro videos on YouTube from bikes so that might be my next purchase. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I love long weekends, especially when so much happens during them. And last weekend was no exception!

Friday afternoon I take off early to get everything ready for the trip. But I did also happen to see something spiffy on Craigslist. Spiffy and green and affordable! Here's a vid taken by the original owner when he first got it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOLXdcX3jsk&feature=youtube_gdata_player

But now it's mine! Squeeeee! My own video and pics coming later, but I do know it'll end up with a travel bug sticker soon seeing as its yet another incarnation of the Wolf Mobile, though not a dirt road one. I may try taking her out on dirt roads, but I seriously need to improve my skills before even attempting such a thing again.

Saturday, Dad and I headed out early for the straight drive through towards Utah. My cousin is graduating and we are all invited. GAH, I remember when she was born! Now dare she be a high school graduate already? Brother! Anyway, the trip across Nevada was eh mostly because we hit I-80 for the quickest way. Did stop by the Bonneville Salt Flats on the way out of Wendover and took the Yaris out. World's Fastest Yaris! LOL It was my first time out on a real salt flat and that ground is certainly trippy. I expected it to be just like the usual alkali beds that around all over the place out here, but nope. Honest to goodness salt! It was definitely surreal. We continued across Utah where I learned my mistake in thinking that the area outside of Wendover was the Great Salt Lake and it was a dry lake. Um, er, WRONG! Wow, that's a lot of water. Got into town and checked into our hotel (not a recommended place) before heading over to my aunt's for socializing and food. It was a mini reunion for my family.

The next day we grabbed breakfast at Warren's, a place that reminded me of a mix between an A&W Drive In and Keva Juice. Odd, but very tasty! Then we spent time driving around all over looking to see if any motorcycle shops were open so I could get a pair of gloves that actually fit. Um, Sunday ... In Utah. #fail So, back over to my aunt's were we had cake and other yummies before heading over to the nearby Junior High to watch the annular eclipse!! Had Slooh.com running also as their cameras were in the sweet spot to see the full ring. Where we were, only 80% was covered, but still, seeing a crescent sun was awesome!! Got a lot of pictures, some good some not so, and enjoyed being able to see this event. Hopefully next time I'll be able to see the full ring! Back to my aunt's before taking off for the night. During the day, dad had seen a canyon up in the mountain and he wanted to go see if we could drive up there. Turned out to be Ogden Canyon and yes there was a paved road up it. But as it was dark, we didn't see much, however, what we did see inspired us to come back the next day!

Which we would have, had I not seen that Promontory Summit was only about 40 miles away. Er, Historic Site here we come! And blast it! I left my National Parks passport at home. Dang! Grabbed breakfast as Beez Cafe and drove north. First stop was at the ATK facility were a huge display of rockets sits out front. Everything that they make is out there life size, including the Solid Rocket Booster formerly used on the Space Shuttles. Really gives you an idea of how massive these things can be. Then it was off across the street to follow along a section of rail bed that the two companies paralleled each other one before Cngress set the meeting point. Luckily, we got there in time to see the two locomotives roll out and get into position, so many pictures were taken as well as a few videos. I loved it and both the Jupiter and No 119 are beautiful replicas of a bygone era. But, we couldn't spend too much time there as the graduation was soon, so back into town we go!

The graduation was held at the Dee Event Center, a massive place similar to Lawlor Events Center. Lots of people filled that stadium and the graduates all filed in below us. Touching ceremony and some huge accomplishments for those students. Got lots of pictures and I think I got some fairly clear ones as well. I liked my panoramics.back to my aunt's afterwards where dinner was left overs from the party last night and we all sat around and watched Rango. I still think Rattlesnake Jake is BY FAR one of the most awesome villains created. Anyway, spent time there cuddling with Roxie the adorable puppy before it was time to head out.

Tuesday morning found us at the Ogden Convention and Visitor's Bureau before we got back on the road to head home. A long drive straight into the wind slowed us down that we got back later than we planned. But we did see a funky blimp on the way in and enjoyed lunch in Winnemucca. I did drive while Dad looked up information on the Topaz Range fire. The wind was not helping anybody today! Swapped all my gear out of the Yaris and into the 4Runner and I bid farewell to Carson again. Got home, did all my little chores, and worked on swapping the custom exhaust off the bike back for the stock exhaust. I like quiet bikes and find loud ones to be irritating to my ears. So, now mine is quiet again and it was time for bed.

My kitty kat was SOOO happy to see me again, she meowed for a good hour after I walked into the house. Poor kitty!

Utah Vacation

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On the road again!

I'll finish this later, but just wanted to put this link somewhere where I wouldn't lose it: http://www.dogwork.com/owfo8/

So this weekend was AWESOME, started out on Friday after work when I decided I just wanted to go driving. Headed out with the oh so vague destination of "left". My brain is weird. Anyway, got out and happened to look at geocaching.com with the intent of seeing if the Hughes Canyon cache was still there... And why is there another green dot in Dixie Valley?!? Turns out a newer cachers (and one of the instructors at my dojo) placed one up Coyote Canyon. Well, I can't pass up a new cache in a new location (and it was left of Highway 50 so...)! Off I go, bouncing up the roadway to find the easy cache. There was also a cute little overnight cabin there that reportedly is stocked with the bare basics. I didn't check because I figured I could get back into town and talk with the owner. Which I did and we did and had a good ok conversation.

But during that I had missed a text from my mom asking if I wanted to join them on Sunday (Mother's Day). She called as I normally don't miss texts and certainly always respond to them. Turns out her neighbor (a wickedly great guy named Kurt) had a spare motorcycle he was willing to loan me. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! So after sleeping in on Saturday, going to hang out a bit with Dad, I headed up to have time for a reminder ride before the big group ride. It's been almost ten years since I had my bike (I think, I didn't have it in '03 when I got the truck but I did get my second one after starting at the Nugget in '00). We did a quick run down to Markleeview and up to Monitor Pass. It took a few minutes out of the driveway for the muscle memory to come back but I was able to keep the bike upright and moving forward at a decent clip. That was totally fun!!

Then Sunday rolls around and we meet the rest of the group at Lakeside (oh, BTW, we were starting out up at Tahoe. NOTHING beats seeing Tahoe than by bike!) and soon headed north towards Sierraview. I love that little town, quaint little gas stop that is the only place where I have found Slush Puppies! #nomnomnom Afterwards, continued north to grab lunch in Quincy before turning around and heading home via some route that I have no clue where we were. I had my GPS on as the Honda's speedometer was a wild guess at best. But we cruised along the western edge of Tahoe after we got back there and made it home with plenty of time for me to return to Carson. Had dinner with Dad, hung out with Tarry, then off towards home. Got home VERY late so bah, chores can wait for tomorrow.

Course, I told Kurt and Mom that because of this weekend, I WANT MY BIKE BACK!! But this time I want a dual sports as taking a rice rocket onto washboard was an unique experience. My problem is my legs are short! But here are what I am looking at right now:
Suzuki DR200SE
Yamaha XT250
Honda CRF230L
BMW pre-2008 F650

The ONLY reason for the Beemer, the tank is massive and the seat is insanely low! But of the others, I'm leaning between the Yamaha and the Suzuki. The Suzuki has the largest tank of the small ones, but I like the little extra oomph in the Yamaha. We'll see. Price wise they are about the same and already got an insurance quote which is INSANELY better than what Allstate dropped on me just before I got rid of my Ninja.

So the's what's up this week. Next weekend is my cousin's graduation so Dad and I will be taking a road trip to go see her and my aunt. (and the Beemer I'm looking at is just south of them, which is what got me looking at it in the first place.... Must pay bills off first!)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Puppy love!

I am curious what that title brought to your mind, especially if you know me. Hehehe

So this weekend was the so called "Supermoon" and I decided to test a statement I had heard a few years back. Supposedly, the petroglyphs at Grime's Point 'glowed' under the light of the full moon. For some glyphs I have seen I could easily imagine that the pale interior of the rock contrasted nicely with the patinated exterior. However, Grimem's is so old, that many of the glyphs are a dark milk chocolate brown and the rock itself a rich deep dark chocolate (hummmm hungry now). I doubted this theory, but tonight had the opportunity.

I've also taken to watching a few online geek-themed shows, such as The Guild (http://theguild.geekandsundry.com/) and TableTop (http://tabletop.geekandsundry.com/). Yesterday's episode of TableTop featured a quick game called Zombie Dice that looked like I could play solo. Not as fun, mind you, but possible. (ohh looky, they have an iPad app as well!) I ran to Reno right after work to grab that game, came home (ordering Domino's as I stopped in Fernley for a drink), and goofed around until it got dark enough to do wander in the desert.

Well, while strolling across the sandy path under the light of the lovely Moon, unfortunately the glyphs are just too dark to see. I did see one beautiful zig zag and spiral and my camera almost got it. Kinda sorta not really. Oh well.

Saturday morning was Bark in the Park and I took a wander over there to enjoy some happy furry friends who were out playing in the sunshine and the grass! It was a great morning and lots of fun petting on anyone who would pull their humans over to me. They also had ferret races which was giggle worthy and the little ferrets just wanted to play and couldn't figure out why their humans were running back and forth.

A few weeks back, on the return trip from Washington, I met a gal named Margy who volunteered for the Dayton Historical Society. she later contacted me and told me about their Silver Anniversary coming up and asked if I would come by. So I did. I knew where the museum was from helping place a cache there, but did not expect the massive parking problem that little schoolhouse would have! Lots of people showed! Watched a speech given to explain the Society, their history, present, and future. Then a fashion show highlighting various periods of Dayton's history. Finally, wandered through the building being introduced to *everybody* as "The one who saved me!" by Margy. I held her hand while the plane went through some turbulence just after take off, that's what got me talking about anything else to get her mind off the plane shaking. All in all a great few hours and met a lot of really awesome history buffs!

Onward into Carson where I spent a little bit of time hanging out with my buddy. Just had coffee (tea actually I think this time) and babbled about our days and what's going on in both our lives. Weekends are turning into catch up days... :-/ Headed on over to my Dad's where we went out and got dinner - though I had a Filipino dish at the park eariler and was still stuffed! Then, then, (ready for it) we went to see Avengers!! OMG! Really enjoyed the film and had a lot of fun laughing at the comedic scenes. While I am not a diehard Marvel fan, I know enough to know who most of these folks are (except Hawkeye, he threw me but that's what Wikipedia is for). But I agree with a few tweets I saw befo and afterward, the show really belonged to Hulk. Smash!!

Sunday was a run up to Reno to wander around bike shops (would like a dual-sport), REI (still have a dividend to spend), and attempts at a game shop (closed and/or moved). Gave up on that, hung out with Tarry again, and headed home for the weekend. Gotta love chores!

A few other habits I have recently picked up:

Rally loving the band Oomph. I have for awhile, but i still find myself searching through YouTube for their videos and concerts. I was introduced to them by an Ace in Portland and there is just something about their sound that I enjoy. Augen Auf (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcN-QoReNv8&feature=youtube_gdata_player) is my favorite song right now, with Labrynth (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzkJYoyHqdI&feature=youtube_gdata_player) coming in second. They are a German band but do have an English album out as well. Oh, the first video I saw of theirs was Brennende Liebe (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfxiuoZYdqY&feature=youtube_gdata_player).

Minecraft. Had been watching a few Minecraft videos and thinking how fun! Then found they released a Pocket Edition, so downloaded the demo version. After a few days of getting sucked into that, bought the full mobile version. Been a few more days and now am thinking about buying the PC version to really build! Screen shots will be in today's pictures.

Think that covers it for this weekend. Next is Mother's Day so going to see what my mommy wants to do. Until then, Toodles!!

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