Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I love long weekends, especially when so much happens during them. And last weekend was no exception!

Friday afternoon I take off early to get everything ready for the trip. But I did also happen to see something spiffy on Craigslist. Spiffy and green and affordable! Here's a vid taken by the original owner when he first got it:

But now it's mine! Squeeeee! My own video and pics coming later, but I do know it'll end up with a travel bug sticker soon seeing as its yet another incarnation of the Wolf Mobile, though not a dirt road one. I may try taking her out on dirt roads, but I seriously need to improve my skills before even attempting such a thing again.

Saturday, Dad and I headed out early for the straight drive through towards Utah. My cousin is graduating and we are all invited. GAH, I remember when she was born! Now dare she be a high school graduate already? Brother! Anyway, the trip across Nevada was eh mostly because we hit I-80 for the quickest way. Did stop by the Bonneville Salt Flats on the way out of Wendover and took the Yaris out. World's Fastest Yaris! LOL It was my first time out on a real salt flat and that ground is certainly trippy. I expected it to be just like the usual alkali beds that around all over the place out here, but nope. Honest to goodness salt! It was definitely surreal. We continued across Utah where I learned my mistake in thinking that the area outside of Wendover was the Great Salt Lake and it was a dry lake. Um, er, WRONG! Wow, that's a lot of water. Got into town and checked into our hotel (not a recommended place) before heading over to my aunt's for socializing and food. It was a mini reunion for my family.

The next day we grabbed breakfast at Warren's, a place that reminded me of a mix between an A&W Drive In and Keva Juice. Odd, but very tasty! Then we spent time driving around all over looking to see if any motorcycle shops were open so I could get a pair of gloves that actually fit. Um, Sunday ... In Utah. #fail So, back over to my aunt's were we had cake and other yummies before heading over to the nearby Junior High to watch the annular eclipse!! Had running also as their cameras were in the sweet spot to see the full ring. Where we were, only 80% was covered, but still, seeing a crescent sun was awesome!! Got a lot of pictures, some good some not so, and enjoyed being able to see this event. Hopefully next time I'll be able to see the full ring! Back to my aunt's before taking off for the night. During the day, dad had seen a canyon up in the mountain and he wanted to go see if we could drive up there. Turned out to be Ogden Canyon and yes there was a paved road up it. But as it was dark, we didn't see much, however, what we did see inspired us to come back the next day!

Which we would have, had I not seen that Promontory Summit was only about 40 miles away. Er, Historic Site here we come! And blast it! I left my National Parks passport at home. Dang! Grabbed breakfast as Beez Cafe and drove north. First stop was at the ATK facility were a huge display of rockets sits out front. Everything that they make is out there life size, including the Solid Rocket Booster formerly used on the Space Shuttles. Really gives you an idea of how massive these things can be. Then it was off across the street to follow along a section of rail bed that the two companies paralleled each other one before Cngress set the meeting point. Luckily, we got there in time to see the two locomotives roll out and get into position, so many pictures were taken as well as a few videos. I loved it and both the Jupiter and No 119 are beautiful replicas of a bygone era. But, we couldn't spend too much time there as the graduation was soon, so back into town we go!

The graduation was held at the Dee Event Center, a massive place similar to Lawlor Events Center. Lots of people filled that stadium and the graduates all filed in below us. Touching ceremony and some huge accomplishments for those students. Got lots of pictures and I think I got some fairly clear ones as well. I liked my panoramics.back to my aunt's afterwards where dinner was left overs from the party last night and we all sat around and watched Rango. I still think Rattlesnake Jake is BY FAR one of the most awesome villains created. Anyway, spent time there cuddling with Roxie the adorable puppy before it was time to head out.

Tuesday morning found us at the Ogden Convention and Visitor's Bureau before we got back on the road to head home. A long drive straight into the wind slowed us down that we got back later than we planned. But we did see a funky blimp on the way in and enjoyed lunch in Winnemucca. I did drive while Dad looked up information on the Topaz Range fire. The wind was not helping anybody today! Swapped all my gear out of the Yaris and into the 4Runner and I bid farewell to Carson again. Got home, did all my little chores, and worked on swapping the custom exhaust off the bike back for the stock exhaust. I like quiet bikes and find loud ones to be irritating to my ears. So, now mine is quiet again and it was time for bed.

My kitty kat was SOOO happy to see me again, she meowed for a good hour after I walked into the house. Poor kitty!

Utah Vacation

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