Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On the road again!

I'll finish this later, but just wanted to put this link somewhere where I wouldn't lose it: http://www.dogwork.com/owfo8/

So this weekend was AWESOME, started out on Friday after work when I decided I just wanted to go driving. Headed out with the oh so vague destination of "left". My brain is weird. Anyway, got out and happened to look at geocaching.com with the intent of seeing if the Hughes Canyon cache was still there... And why is there another green dot in Dixie Valley?!? Turns out a newer cachers (and one of the instructors at my dojo) placed one up Coyote Canyon. Well, I can't pass up a new cache in a new location (and it was left of Highway 50 so...)! Off I go, bouncing up the roadway to find the easy cache. There was also a cute little overnight cabin there that reportedly is stocked with the bare basics. I didn't check because I figured I could get back into town and talk with the owner. Which I did and we did and had a good ok conversation.

But during that I had missed a text from my mom asking if I wanted to join them on Sunday (Mother's Day). She called as I normally don't miss texts and certainly always respond to them. Turns out her neighbor (a wickedly great guy named Kurt) had a spare motorcycle he was willing to loan me. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! So after sleeping in on Saturday, going to hang out a bit with Dad, I headed up to have time for a reminder ride before the big group ride. It's been almost ten years since I had my bike (I think, I didn't have it in '03 when I got the truck but I did get my second one after starting at the Nugget in '00). We did a quick run down to Markleeview and up to Monitor Pass. It took a few minutes out of the driveway for the muscle memory to come back but I was able to keep the bike upright and moving forward at a decent clip. That was totally fun!!

Then Sunday rolls around and we meet the rest of the group at Lakeside (oh, BTW, we were starting out up at Tahoe. NOTHING beats seeing Tahoe than by bike!) and soon headed north towards Sierraview. I love that little town, quaint little gas stop that is the only place where I have found Slush Puppies! #nomnomnom Afterwards, continued north to grab lunch in Quincy before turning around and heading home via some route that I have no clue where we were. I had my GPS on as the Honda's speedometer was a wild guess at best. But we cruised along the western edge of Tahoe after we got back there and made it home with plenty of time for me to return to Carson. Had dinner with Dad, hung out with Tarry, then off towards home. Got home VERY late so bah, chores can wait for tomorrow.

Course, I told Kurt and Mom that because of this weekend, I WANT MY BIKE BACK!! But this time I want a dual sports as taking a rice rocket onto washboard was an unique experience. My problem is my legs are short! But here are what I am looking at right now:
Suzuki DR200SE
Yamaha XT250
Honda CRF230L
BMW pre-2008 F650

The ONLY reason for the Beemer, the tank is massive and the seat is insanely low! But of the others, I'm leaning between the Yamaha and the Suzuki. The Suzuki has the largest tank of the small ones, but I like the little extra oomph in the Yamaha. We'll see. Price wise they are about the same and already got an insurance quote which is INSANELY better than what Allstate dropped on me just before I got rid of my Ninja.

So the's what's up this week. Next weekend is my cousin's graduation so Dad and I will be taking a road trip to go see her and my aunt. (and the Beemer I'm looking at is just south of them, which is what got me looking at it in the first place.... Must pay bills off first!)

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