Monday, August 27, 2012


New camera and Animal Ark

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hanging with Mom

Annual Yard Party and ride to Walker.

Monday, August 13, 2012


First trackday at Reno Fernley Raceway.

Monday, August 6, 2012


This weekend had a common theme through it.

Friday got off work and decided to finally take care of the mop that had grown on the top of my head. So got it whacked off in what the stylist calls a "high fade". Basically, number two clippers all the way up to labored my ear line, then a trim on the top. I like the look so far. Headed home and crashed on the couch to watch Sam Neill's Merlin on Netflix. Ended up falling asleep and heading into Carson late. I had intended to have dinner with Dad before meeting up with my buddy. Instead, bought fast food to go, delivered the burger, and crashed into bed exhausted.

Saturday morning woke up and we headed up to every motorcycle shop in Reno looking for a pair of real race boots for me. My motorcycle boots work, but since I am going to be starting to head out to track days, I want real protection for my ankle and shin. While everyone was very happy to order me any pair I wanted, I did not know the size I would wear and so wanted to try them on. Aside from BVH, NO ONE carried boots in stock. BVH had only a size 13 which was way to large for me. Eventually we made it to Sierra BMW who not only carried Sidi boots in stock, but Tom was simply an awesome sales dude and ended up outfitting me with a pair of Sidi Corba Air boots. On order and should arrive on Wednesday. Afterwards, headed back home and again crashed on the couch waiting to go meet up with friends at tonight's UFC bout. Long and slow fight so just hung out and had dinner while yacking, before going over caching plans for Sunday.

However, as exhausted as I was, Saturday night had that weird insomnia of can't/don't want to sleep. So laid awake all night reading Hunger Games, and then Catching Fire, and started Mockingjay. I like the books, though the same issue I had with Peeta in the movie was in the book so I'm just discounting him as a decent character all together.

Once the sun rose, was picked up by Puzzleman to grab coffee and ensure all GPS units were loaded up. Up to Truckee to get him the 20 needed for a milestone then over to Tahoe City to show him the Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park. Finally we went down to Blackwood Canyon for the Powertrail there. Unfortunately, by this time the exhaustion caught up with me and I crashed out in the Jeep. Next thing I know is we're heading down the hill towards Carson. Stopped long enough to upload field notes to the server and grab dinner with my Dad. Then I packed up and took off towards home.

As I watched the moon rise over Lahontan, red through the smoke of the Chip fire, I couldn't help but focus on just how exhausted I was still.