Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Down time

Well, I figured I'd take today and update this and actually write something for the previous month that I have neglected...

That was, until I sat down to do it.

For some reason this week I've been under a serious weight, generally giving me an apathedic outlook on life to the point where I haven't even bothered going after a cache despite several publishing - including one named after me! I just haven't gone out.

I don't know what's wrong, wether it'll pass or not, but I do know that trying to backtrack on this might take awhile if ever.

Tis the curse of Twitter - I'm blogging over there 140 characters at a time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

Not much caching done as it is Mom's day. But I did get some in.

Earlier I was told about an odd-ball double cache over by the hospital and asked if I remembered any archived cache being there. Since I woke up at 7 and we were planning on heading out around 10, I had some time to investigate.

Turns out that some Rally school used a nearby lamp post to place a stage of a "Night challenge" and it was forgotten. That was back in 2006. Seems that since then, only 1 in every 4 caches managed to find the real cache and instead logged the temporary one. That explains Puzzleman and nvsrvyr's confusion yesterday!

After I removed the offending LPC, b0neZ, kindergeek, and I all headed out to his folks and watched a movie while catching up on family happenings. Afterward, we headed up to Tahoe for my mom's and had some delicious burgers after a game of badminton.

As we were driving home, I managed to get power back into my phone and discovered that RoadRunner was busy! But, we're still 30 minutes away and there's no chance of me getting down in time, so I just ignored them. Not one to be ignored, RoadRunner called and asked how the FTF hunt was going. Since I wasn't, we just chatted a bit before he had to go. Then he published 3 more!! Of course I called him back to harass him over such a move.

Once I dropped the guys off, I went to enter coords - and something happened...

I don't know what, nor why, but my mood dropped drastically while I was putting in those numbers. Rather than trying to hunt for any caches, I just drove up into the hills overlooking Carson and tried to sort out why I was suddenly depressed.

I hope I can shake this feeling soon, but I feel like I lost it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

DeLorme Planning Trip

I still find it odd that there are two separate groups of DeLorme Challengers going down to the southern end of the state on the same weekend.

So I needed to get my truck ready. I took it in first thing (oy 7:30am!) to Les Schwabb and soon my little boy had a new set of trail boots. Course they were far too clean, so I went and played in dirt and mud before taking him over to Toyota to get his checkup done. Ahh, happy truck!

Then met up with Puzzleman at Round Table to map out our route - his actually, I couldn't get Friday off. Once we finished that, it was time to head up to Fernley and grab some caches before meeting up with the second group.

That was a fun trip, and that Jeep managed to find a good handful of caches that we had already found the last time we went through Fernley with the Reno crowd. Dinner time came and while everyone was eating, the plans came together.

Total, we're looking at myself, Puzzleman, Bookmarked, nvsrvyr, Lost in Reno, nvH20fowler, and Nitro929 are all heading down to Vegas. Watch out Southerners! Here comes the North!

Friday, May 8, 2009

More FTF's

Not much going on lately, cept for the random night post that leaves half of Carson scrambling for their vehicles and the other half laughing hysterically at home waiting for the logs.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

FITO - Flash In Trash Out

Whoo Hoo! I finally got a CITO Icon!

So, today was the day of the Flash Mob/CITO. Drove up with Trekrr first thing to the Labyrinth in Rancho San Rafael where everyone met up in their silly hats. The original idea was to walk the labyrinth, but once it was discovered that the path was placed in memory of victims of domestic violence, that idea was stopped. So, we just chatted for 15 minutes and got a good picture out of it.

Afterwards, it was time to introduce ourselves to the Ranger and find our area of trail maintenance. I ended up at the end of the line so we worked the beginning of the trail, clearing weeds, thorny bushes, rocks, and overgrown tree branches. I do say our section looked the best. ;-)

One of the cool things discovered was that while Green Jack was ready to hack a limb, a little yellow Bush Tit flew out and he nest - WITH EGGS - was discovered. The limb was quickly delared off limits and everyone came to look at the brave little bird who flew back and sat so still on her nest we really had to look to see her.

All in all a very fun day!