Saturday, May 9, 2009

DeLorme Planning Trip

I still find it odd that there are two separate groups of DeLorme Challengers going down to the southern end of the state on the same weekend.

So I needed to get my truck ready. I took it in first thing (oy 7:30am!) to Les Schwabb and soon my little boy had a new set of trail boots. Course they were far too clean, so I went and played in dirt and mud before taking him over to Toyota to get his checkup done. Ahh, happy truck!

Then met up with Puzzleman at Round Table to map out our route - his actually, I couldn't get Friday off. Once we finished that, it was time to head up to Fernley and grab some caches before meeting up with the second group.

That was a fun trip, and that Jeep managed to find a good handful of caches that we had already found the last time we went through Fernley with the Reno crowd. Dinner time came and while everyone was eating, the plans came together.

Total, we're looking at myself, Puzzleman, Bookmarked, nvsrvyr, Lost in Reno, nvH20fowler, and Nitro929 are all heading down to Vegas. Watch out Southerners! Here comes the North!

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