Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stupid sucky snow storm

Well, this week totally bit.

Monday, ended up working on the petroglyph slides and completely felt bleh, so didn't do anything. Tuesday finally got in one hour with the weights. Wednesday, another bleh day. Thursday I was exhausted all day. Friday went to go see Avatar. Saturday, tried working out and felt as weak as a kitten - to the point where I could barely lift the weights. And today, just did nothing.

Tomorrow, semester starts, which means the gym is open until 8pm. I am so making up for this week!

I have gotten most of the slides done, which is good as starting on Tuesday I'm going to be buried in other homework and I want to have the slids done before March. Yeah, it's a little over a month away, but time flies when you think you have enough of it.

Have I mentioned these slides before? Seems I have, but I'll repeat myself. Ths time around, I'm labeling the slides from the petroglyph site at Grapevine Canyon in southern Nevada. Normally, I wouldn't name the site, but this is a huge public site, so there you go. Beautiful motifs and there's one shot with one of the volunteers standing in for scale. The place is HUGE!

I have gotten in some caching despite the storm that settled in on top of us. Finally got my 5 mile radius cleared again. Yeah! And tonight bagged two FTFs (to the surprise of the owner!) in the snow and dark and cold and harassment from RoadRunner. Sheesh, you'd think it be a good thing to be a good friend of the Reviewer, but noooo. Trust me, all you who aren't in daily communication with the RoadBird are better off!

1/23/2010 Gambling Bikers Earn Silver (Traditional Cache)
1/23/2010 Great Big Eagle Snot (Traditional Cache)
1/23/2010 Green Bibles Educate Sinners (Traditional Cache)
1/23/2010 Gentle Buffalo Eat Sage (Traditional Cache)
1/24/2010 Welcome to Boomtown (Traditional Cache)
1/24/2010 Where to from here? (Traditional Cache)
1/24/2010 Washoe Winter Dog Walk (Traditional Cache)
1/24/2010 Little Washoe Winter Dog Walk (Traditional Cache)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More awesome hikes and a few caches too

So the week is still going strong as far as the work outs go. Managed to do something every day this week and feel pretty dang proud about it.

Picked up one of the new caches during my hike after work on one night, then was invited up to REI for some shopping and caching afterwards. That was entertaining, mostly in trying to find the right parking spot and trying to power the various electronic gizmos I have with me.

Then a new cache published late Thursday night, but after looking at the scene, I decided a .6 mile hike up onto Prison Hill at 10:45 at night wasn't worth it, so just grabbed a few others scattered around town. The next night after work found me hiking up there, though too late for the FTF. I had a great 2 mile hike straight up the hill the down the trail in the dark and only two moments of real heart stopping panic. I was seeing things and my mind was having a ball making my imagination run wild.

Saturday, nvsrvyr came down to pick both me and bookmarked up for a hike back up Jack's Valley Wildlife Management Area to get him the caches up there and the final to a multi that is really tough. We trudged up there, getting hung up on a cache that is feared to have fallen down the critter hole. Though Bookmarked really made an effort to dig it out. That's where Puzzleman caught up with us and we continued the hike up.

Stopping at one more cache before the long haul straight up to the top of the ridge where the final rested. The going was slow and tough due to the steepness and the sand drying out and become soft and loose again. Every step sank you in about an inch or so and the angle slid you downhill more often than not. Eventually we made it up there and I was to the cache site first...

... only to find it muggled!! NOOOO

The swag was left lying on the ground nearby, but the container and the logbook were both gone. Puzzleman wandered around the hill looking for it. Though up there, one side has enough boulders that you can make your way around, the other side is a sheer drop off that you have to see in order to believe, despite me telling everyone it was a steep drop. Gathered up the geolitter, took pictures as proof, ate lunch, then it was back down the hill.

Stopped by two more caches in a general bushwhacking approach. During the hike to one, I got a phone-a-friend call from sierradogs about the cache Fat Boy Slim. They didn't quite believe me it was there and took some encouragement from one "directing" the other inside to where the cache was located. I gave them enough hints that they felt confident finding it (though later ai received a text telling me the Mr. Sierradog was stuck in the cave and Mrs. Sierradog would be coming to dinner solo). A total of 3 miles of up into the mountain and down before reaching the vehicles again to head home. For it was time to clean up and head to the Firkin and the Fox for our monthly geocaching get-together!

nvsrvyr and I were there first so we got to enjoy the quite area for dinner, then Puzzleman and his family showed up and we hung out until everyone else came in. All told, we had Clark Gable, mdpebright, Junk Yard Dawg, sierradogs (and pup) - both of them, he escaped the cave, barefootfamily, Puzzleman and his wife, bookmarked, ejc365, and GoodNight Goofies came in late. Awesome get together and a lot of fun was had. I overheard a lot of varied conversations, too numerous to count. This is the type of get-togethers I love. Relaxed, sociable, and just plain fun and everyone in involved.

After all that, Sunday nvsrvyr picked up again to be on the trail by 9. We headed up to the first cache in Indian Hills (Money Rocks) and wound ourselves around the entire top of the hills. It took a couple stops to study the aerial images and the ground before us to figure the right road and the best approach to some of the caches and often times we found our judgement rewarded with an easy walk vs a trudge down and back up a ravine. The second and third caches we found quickly and we stopped briefly to have a snack while admiring the great overview of both Carson and Eagle Valleys.

At the fifth cache of the day, nvsrvyr made a startled noise and I looked up in time to see a massive black bird soaring right along the ridgeline in front of us. This great beauty kept circling around us, lazily holding the thermals and only flapping his wings a few times before a turn or to raise up higher. I took both pictures and video and later learning we were watching an immature Golden Eagle. Wow! Absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

Continuing on, we grabbed a creative cache by BigTruckCrew and Lil' Miss Muffit. Unfortunately, it had been placed in such a way that the 4 star difficulty was a 1 at best. nvsrvyr found it without a problem. Then it was once again down the hill to the flats and off to the next cache. Now, awhile back I had researched some older caches in Carson looking for the first. During that I had found a few other archived caches that had no indication of being picked up. One such cache was Indian Hills cyber-cache. My brain chose this moment to recall that name, recall we were hiking Indian Hills and put the two together. Pulling up the coords, by sheer dumb luck we were a mere 300 feet from the cache on the trail we were on! Go!

It had been archived on January 20th, 2003. Two folks found it a month later. We found it 7 years later. Moments like that are why I love caching. Finding the treasure no one else knows about.

We kept walking the trail, where we split for a time to get caches in opposite directions that the other already had. I headed north and nvsrvyr headed south and I caught up with him just before he reached the last little hill back to the Yukon.

This weekend has been amazing. Some great hikes, amazing cache adventures, and hanging out with the most awesome of friends. Now let's just hope that I'm not in too much pain tomorrow - unlike the rest of the country, I'm one of the few who have to work.

1/12/2010 God Bless East Stewart
1/13/2010 Clear Zone #10
1/13/2010 Reno/Tahoe IAP TB Hotel
1/13/2010 WWJEat6
1/13/2010 A "Hi-Tech" Solution
1/13/2010 NevadaWolf couldn't find Bakers Dz.13 - Chocolate Fudge
1/13/2010 WWJEat7
1/14/2010 Great Bargains Encourage Sales
1/14/2010 Good Boys Earn Stars
1/15/2010 Prison Break
1/17/2010 CV2D South
1/17/2010 Sunridge2D NE
1/17/2010 Indian Hills cyber-cache
1/17/2010 One of these rabbits.....
1/17/2010 Something Off The Wall

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something New

If you follow my One Thousand Footsteps blog, you'll know that I was including screenshots about the hikes I was taking.

Well, I've slacked on that.

So now, I've provided a link to a MapSource file that I'll load my tracks onto. So you can see all the details you want for each hike. This should be easier than fussing with the pictures and getting them lined up just right.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

A week of walking and 2900!

Sunday night, yeah, that's when I'll do this.

So Monday I started out on my daily walks. Took on the face of Lakeview Hill and after a half hour was back in the truck dead. Tuesday, HikingPam and I went out along the Mexican Ditch trail. Wednesday was a rest day (and department meeting) so no hiking. Thursday, Gus from the Nevada Rock Art Foundation handed me a box full of Clark County slides (YEA!!!) so I was so not into hiking and ended up at Starbucks sniffing Sharpie fumes and drinking tea. Friday it was right back up Lakeview Hill, this time I did the trailhead to the first shoulder and back in 20 minutes. w00t!

Details on those hikes, and any future hikes, can be found on my other blog, One Thousand Footsteps, here I'll just lightly brush over them.

This weekend has totally been a play day! Saturday, I went out with BigTruckCrew, lil miss muffit, and frankenscout to four-wheel around the PineNuts. This range is still snowy, so I didn't feel comfortable driving, I ended up riding along in the Orange Scout.

We headed up Brunswick Canyon, getting on dirt and snow before heading up to drive around a small reservior up there unofficially known as Lake LePew (or something like that). Found a cache up there and took loads of pictures of Eagle valley just covered in a thick fog. We then explored the spillway for the res before driving across the dam and down to the top of Lucky Canyon.

This canyon is steep, narrow, bouldery, and only for the most extreme of 4x4 rigs. BTC has a good collection of off-road monsters that go anywhere, and he was told his truck was "too nice". As you can see from the picture, Big Blue is a rough and ready rig, so BTC decided if that was too nice, he was in over his head. We hiked the canyon instead. From the top, we had a view of something that was later revealed to be of the old smelter down by the Carson River. Impressive view and once the fog cleared when we returned, everyone know where we were.

Then is was the hike down into the canyon. The top had two boulders set really close together that a Jeep might be lucky to squeeze through. You can see the rubber laid down by other rigs, But today I was glad we were on foot. Once we cleared that obstacle, we came around the corner to see the belly of this canyon. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I want to see this place in the sunlight and also during spring or summer when the snow isn't covering everything. Bare stark spires of rock jutting out of the canyon bottom rising up and fading into the fog above us. It was really cool! And I know where the mouth is near the river. I'm so going back.

After the hike back up, we drove back into the PineNuts towards a mine that frankenscout wanted to show us. However, the Jeep he was driving started having issues after he bounced out of one snowy washout and sideways into another. It just kept stalling and wouldn't start. A few more tries only resulting in the tow line coming out and the Scout pulling him back towards civilization.

The night ended with a trip to Starbucks and life is grand.

Sunday, I woke up late (hike must've been tougher than I thought) and met up with Puzzleman to grab a few caches around town to brings my numbers up to 2899. Then it was off to Jacks Valley Wildlife refuge for an awesome hike up into the mountain to grab Two-Leaf Hakea, a cache that has been staring at me since April, when I had just cleared this whole hill! grrrr. Anyway, it was a great hike, cool bordering on cold, where the exercise kept us warm. Straight up and around for a total of 3.1 miles. Puzzleman got, I think, 10 caches while up there and I got my 2900th. Totally worth it, and the hike in the fog was simply surreal.

Great weekend and if I wake up tomorrow morning with only tolerable pain, I'll be stoked.

Goal Check:
Since I started this workout/eat better thing, I've improved on my hikes and according to my little scale, have lost 7 pounds!!! SWEET!

1/9/2010 NevadaWolf posted a note for Trinket Traders #5
1/10/2010 NevadaWolf found It's a
1/10/2010 NevadaWolf found Great Basic Earth Search
1/10/2010 NevadaWolf found Gentle Balm Enhances Serenity
1/10/2010 NevadaWolf found Gas Burns Efficiently Safely
1/10/2010 NevadaWolf found Good Barriers Ensure Safety
1/10/2010 NevadaWolf found Two-Leaf Hakea

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adventures in Gardnerville

Really trying to get into this habit, I think it'll help quite a bit once warmer weather settles in.

So New Year's weekend. Three (well, three and a half) glorious days off!

Thursday, my boss kicked me out of work early, so I laced up my boots and went for a hike. There's a new cache in town, Fat Boy Slim, that looked both challenging and really fun. One thing about BigTruckCrew caches, they never let you down! Unfortunately I got up there just as the sun was setting and finally zeroed in on GZ as the sun went behind the mountain. I had to call it off for tonight.

Friday, I went right back up there and sure enough, found the cache and was highly impressed with the adventure. Granted it was short and simple, but one unlike I've done around here.

I love caches that are more than just an easy drive up or a tough hike. I can walk anywhere, give me something to climb into or up and I'll be a happy camper, regardless if it's right in town, or 10 miles down a trail.

Afterwards, my Dad and I headed down to Gardnerville to make a dent in the caches down there. We came away with 10 and had an enjoyable time with me learning how to use the netbook. I'm getting the hang of navigating with the DeLorme software.

Saturday I took a hike up to Bernsports new Earthquake cache. While he said there was no trail, I investigated Google Maps and found a road that got me closer. Trouble was it was half covered in snow. A couple tries here and there got me halfway up the hill before I had to set out on foot. a 40 minute climb up the gully found me at the cache site and a nice second to find on the log.

Once I got back down off the mountain, Dad and I went caching. Though first we had to stop and try to find a case for my new camera. But, none was to be found and I soon had a phone-a-friend from CastleDwellers. They were just outside the store looking for a cache. I too was unable to find it and we went off.

Our second day down in Carson Valley ound us hop-scotching CastleDwellers and finding another ten caches. Another fun day with some good caches along the way.

However it seems the hike yesterday took it's toll on Sunday as I crashed around 10:30p and only woke up at 10a to a text from b0neZ. Good thing too, I was still crashed out and having some seriously bizzaro dreams containing hiking, camping, and very very late math assignments. I don't want to know what my head it telling me on that one.

Spent today just camped out at home, watching movies, and surfing. Went to lunch with Dad and hung out with Bernsports to return his DeLorme CD. I know I know, I should definitely do something before bed. I'll either do my delayed workout or focus on learning more T'ai Chi. I'm trying to figure out how to do the full simplified 24 Movement Form T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Here's the video I'm watching to understand the written form: YouTube

So, goal check for my wandering ways:
Electronics - Netbook and new camera acquired.
Fitness - Two uphill hikes done, working out with free weights daily, t'ai chi in the evenings.

NevadaWolf found:
1/1/2010 Fat Boy Slim
1/1/2010 "bailys' s-s-rij"
1/1/2010 Stake Out
1/1/2010 "bailys' silo"
1/1/2010 Sit Down and Enjoy the View
1/1/2010 Play Ball
1/1/2010 Virginia Canal
1/1/2010 School is for the Birds
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1/2/2010 Quaking Aspen? NO! Quaking Trees? YES!
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1/2/2010 There's No Mulligans in Caching #6
1/2/2010 Thirsty for a View
1/2/2010 "The Long and Winding Road"
1/2/2010 Hanging Around Genoa
1/2/2010 "bailys' lil devil"
1/2/2010 Orange you glad it's a micro - Take a Hike
1/2/2010 Fetch This
1/2/2010 Go to the park sucker
1/2/2010 SHM #120 - Walley's Hot Springs

1/1/2010 NevadaWolf couldn't find bailys' "mini micro"
1/1/2010 NevadaWolf requested L+L=Love & Marriage to be archived