Sunday, January 10, 2010

A week of walking and 2900!

Sunday night, yeah, that's when I'll do this.

So Monday I started out on my daily walks. Took on the face of Lakeview Hill and after a half hour was back in the truck dead. Tuesday, HikingPam and I went out along the Mexican Ditch trail. Wednesday was a rest day (and department meeting) so no hiking. Thursday, Gus from the Nevada Rock Art Foundation handed me a box full of Clark County slides (YEA!!!) so I was so not into hiking and ended up at Starbucks sniffing Sharpie fumes and drinking tea. Friday it was right back up Lakeview Hill, this time I did the trailhead to the first shoulder and back in 20 minutes. w00t!

Details on those hikes, and any future hikes, can be found on my other blog, One Thousand Footsteps, here I'll just lightly brush over them.

This weekend has totally been a play day! Saturday, I went out with BigTruckCrew, lil miss muffit, and frankenscout to four-wheel around the PineNuts. This range is still snowy, so I didn't feel comfortable driving, I ended up riding along in the Orange Scout.

We headed up Brunswick Canyon, getting on dirt and snow before heading up to drive around a small reservior up there unofficially known as Lake LePew (or something like that). Found a cache up there and took loads of pictures of Eagle valley just covered in a thick fog. We then explored the spillway for the res before driving across the dam and down to the top of Lucky Canyon.

This canyon is steep, narrow, bouldery, and only for the most extreme of 4x4 rigs. BTC has a good collection of off-road monsters that go anywhere, and he was told his truck was "too nice". As you can see from the picture, Big Blue is a rough and ready rig, so BTC decided if that was too nice, he was in over his head. We hiked the canyon instead. From the top, we had a view of something that was later revealed to be of the old smelter down by the Carson River. Impressive view and once the fog cleared when we returned, everyone know where we were.

Then is was the hike down into the canyon. The top had two boulders set really close together that a Jeep might be lucky to squeeze through. You can see the rubber laid down by other rigs, But today I was glad we were on foot. Once we cleared that obstacle, we came around the corner to see the belly of this canyon. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I want to see this place in the sunlight and also during spring or summer when the snow isn't covering everything. Bare stark spires of rock jutting out of the canyon bottom rising up and fading into the fog above us. It was really cool! And I know where the mouth is near the river. I'm so going back.

After the hike back up, we drove back into the PineNuts towards a mine that frankenscout wanted to show us. However, the Jeep he was driving started having issues after he bounced out of one snowy washout and sideways into another. It just kept stalling and wouldn't start. A few more tries only resulting in the tow line coming out and the Scout pulling him back towards civilization.

The night ended with a trip to Starbucks and life is grand.

Sunday, I woke up late (hike must've been tougher than I thought) and met up with Puzzleman to grab a few caches around town to brings my numbers up to 2899. Then it was off to Jacks Valley Wildlife refuge for an awesome hike up into the mountain to grab Two-Leaf Hakea, a cache that has been staring at me since April, when I had just cleared this whole hill! grrrr. Anyway, it was a great hike, cool bordering on cold, where the exercise kept us warm. Straight up and around for a total of 3.1 miles. Puzzleman got, I think, 10 caches while up there and I got my 2900th. Totally worth it, and the hike in the fog was simply surreal.

Great weekend and if I wake up tomorrow morning with only tolerable pain, I'll be stoked.

Goal Check:
Since I started this workout/eat better thing, I've improved on my hikes and according to my little scale, have lost 7 pounds!!! SWEET!

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