Friday, August 28, 2009

Egads! Update!

Hurm, so I last posted on 5/13/09

Yeah a bit has gone on since then. I'll see about going back and trying to do a play-by-play, but until such time, I'll hand you a summary of sorts. Now, I am caching in between these events, but this is just touching on the big moments over the last few months.

Memorial Day Weekend July 23rd-25th
Drove down to Vegas, had truck issues, redrove down to Vegas to hang out with the Moose Mob Expedition in covering a good portion of the southern tip of the state and over the course of three days scored 80+ caches. In short, AWESOME WEEKEND!

May 31st
Dad and I head out to Yerington to clear out the town and to play the new Tic-Tac-Toe series that was out there. That was a really fun day and, although I lost the game, we really loved playing!

June 7th
So I tweet that I'm almost to 2500 caches, and habu! found out I wasn't really motivated enough to score that big milestone. So I met up with him in Tahoe and we spent the day caching around and seeing some spectacular places that I didn't even know about! I think the best one was the hike up by Horsetail Falls and the old ruined cabin, well, no the best one was going after one in an area that left me feeling like we'd been transported away from the Sierras and found ourselves in the marshy lowlands of Florida. It was GREAT!

June 21st
Dad and I return to Yerington in the hopes of completely clearing town. We were mostly successful, though I really enjoyed the cache at the Bluestone Mine. That was a great adventure and a really cool location! That's what I really enjoy about caching!

June 27th
I suddenly got to thinking that, in my opinion, a really great cache are those that you are eager to share with someone that is visiting and you really want to impress them. Then I looked at my caches and realized that I didn't want to share any of mine (well, except Diabolical). So, I archived them. Took all day, but 23 caches bit the dust and I feel immensely relieved! I think a general spring cleaning of cache hides is in order every now and then.

June 28th
Dad and I head out to Fallon to clear out the area around Soda Lake. We score some great caches, have a fun adventure in the hot (100+) sandy desert, and got that chunk of town cleared. Of course when we get home a new Earthcache published -- right on Soda Lake. ARGH!!!

July 5th
Hooked up with Big Truck Crew and a group from Reno 4x4 to go real 4-wheeling. Puzzleman and I were the only stock rigs on the run, but we made it though with only mine injuries. The cool thing was bagging some of the trickier caches along the road and seeing an old well-built road leading from Virginia City to Dayton right over the Sutro Tunnel!

July 24th-26th
Vegas Princess didn't realize Tahoe was so close when she was up here last month and so returned, with Moose Mob in tow. The goal, Depth Perception! The 5 star cache I've been eager to get since I learned of it and the one I've been saving that special 5/5 square on my grid for. Why? Because it's the one you need to DIVE into Tahoe to retrieve! We scored that one and spent the rest of the weekend driving around the lake grabbing caches. Oh yeah, then there was that incident involving El Dorado County Sheriff....

August 12th - 16th
Ah, the big week long caching, camping, and exploring the desert vacation! Puzzleman got the idea to head WAY out there, finish the DeLorme, and to bring his telescope along to take advantage of NO lights being out in the desert. So, we spent three nights out on the desert floor (one at Spencer's Hot Springs, the next at Steptoe Creek, and the last at the Boundary Peak trailhead), cleared out the central section of needed quads, scored the oldest caches in the state, and generally had the most exciting time and the best adventure. I loved every minute of it and really really really didn't want to come back.

So that's the highlights. Again, I'll go back (maybe) and update each event with the full details. Or not. I really need to learn to send an email post whenever I do something awesome. But again, I've taken to Twitter and since it doesn't involve the hassle of turning on my laptop and connecting to the net, it's much easier to post there.

But I do want to get back into logging here. Just like my Field Notes, I know it's easier to just post from the field, but as I detest generic logs, I'm actually sitting down and writing a log. I just will have to get back into the habit here.

Thanks for sticking this out with me. Hope to see you again soon!