Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sick and surviving

There's a very good reason why I haven't been updating here in a couple weeks.... just give me a moment to think up one!

Seriously, I came down with the local crud a few weeks ago and since have had the joy of it moving into my lungs and making friends with my asthma. So, I've kinda been down and not really feeling like doing anything.

School started up again. During the week I'm taking Math 096 (yeah yeah, numbers are not my strong suit, despite what my teacher and grades say) and a GIS Extensions class. Currently we're learned ArcScene, which is killer fun as it's taking the 2D view of the data and incorporating the Z-value to create a 3D model. Plus it features a Fly function. So, whenever we finish each assignment, you can usually find a couple of us zipping around whatever dummy data was provided for the lesson. I've gotten pretty good at wizzing around mountains and canyons. One was really cool. We were playing with vertical exaggeration and took a small river in Tenn and warped it to the size of the Grand Canyon. Afterwards, I turned Fly on and cruised along the bottom of the river corridor. Wheee!!

Caching hasn't been much, though I have gotten a few in over the weekends.

Dad and I headed out to Fernley for a change of pace and found some fun caches while there. Though our first stop was in Reno and we were busted by nvsrvyr just as we found a little cache in a tree. Though we didn't grab any donuts from the shop nearby. Out in Fernley, I think Troll's House and Chutes N' Ladders were the funnest. One was beside a tunnel pass under the interstate and the other was on a seriously wicked jungle gym that I had more fun playing on than looking for the bugger of a cache.

A few new caches popped up in Carson also. Been having some fun FTF runs, though it seems the race has fizzled out for now. I was up really early one morning and had enough time to kill before to snag a little bison tube just as the sun crested the PineNut range. Then we discovered the notifications weren't working across the board and I learned of a cache that Puzzleman didn't get the text on. So I sent him a notice and he sniped that one after 45 minutes from publication. Of course, then Puzzleman's latest devilish cache pops up and I'm still stuck at work unable to do anything. ARGH!! But the fun one was when the WCCC (Weekly Coffee and Caching Crew) came through Carson and left one behind. It published while I was less than a half mile away and I had the perfect timing to go grab it! Whoo Hoo! Later, another case of whacked notifications hit. Elway7 posted a bizarre note on Twitter that the next morning I learned was the publication note from RoadRunner to me that I never got! 10 hours after publication, no one in Carson knew of the cache, so I forwarded the info to the only one readily available. Go Puzzleman, GO!

Elsewhere, Puzzleman discovered one really really REALLY (did I say really?) tough cache up in Truckee that has yet to be found! So, right smack in the middle of my cold bug, and during a snow storm, we head up there to tackle it. Well, it ended up tackling us and sent a few of its buddies to finish the job. 0-3 on Alpinebobl caches in Truckee. That sucked.

The next weekend, my Dad and I returned during a sunny day and spent close to an hour and 45 minutes up there at the one cache! That makes 3 hours over 2 trips with still no find. :grump: (we're going back up tomorrow to try AGAIN!). But, we did manage to cruise around Truckee and picked up a few in town. Though, downtown Truckee on a Sunday that happens to be Valentines day really bites. If you aren't shopping that is. LOL

So that brings us up to date, I think. Today I'll be going out for a walk with an online friend and his son before heading off to Starbucks to hang out with Puzzleman and anyone else who swings by to chat about caching and whatever else the conversation drifts onto.

Have a good weekend!!

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