Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Having worked so long at the casino, I still cannot get used to or predict when I get days off due to a holiday. So, this weekend was no exception. Unless I specifically plan of the three days off, I tend to forget and well, Tuesday rolls around with no idea of what to do.

Friday, was given the ok for an early out but the weather was cold and crappy so opted to just stay home and continue watching How I Met Your Mother. Odd watching a show that I feel zero connection with, though I do like Robin's independance and Barney's death grip on single hood. But seriously, I find myself thinking many times "This is what's WRONG! Can't people see it??" Anyway...

Saturday again was cold and I was starting to want warmer gear so I could ride even if it was frigid. Drove to Reno and started working my way through the various motorcycle shops I knew about. Eventually ended up at Michael's where, as I was thumbing through riding pants, another customer came up and politely yet awesomely, pitched and sold one line from Tourmaster. Not only are there two inner liners (one heavy, on thinner) but the outer covering removes to expose the inner mesh layer. I was sold, so we continued the conversation to his various tours and treks across this country and abroad. I loved that chance meeting.

With still no plan, I text around and find out my Mom is riding with her group on Sunday and Puzzleman has a plan for off road caching. I head home, grab the bike, ride back to Carson, and in transit am nearly blown off the road by wind, drenched in Silver Springs, hailed on in Dayton, and soaked again by Carson. I hook up with Tarry and Jeff at Bully's to see the UFC fight before gearing up and heading to Tahoe. BRRRR that was a wickedly cold ride! But I had my gear on so was comfortable enough to not be shivering to death.

Sunday we headed out for the preride breakfast where everyone commented on my bright green Ninja. All smiles and laughs and I really had fun. Doyle, the leader and huge guy (compared to my tiny frame...) asked to sit on it when we got to Donner State Park. He looked cute sitting on my little bike. LOL Our route took us from South Shore to Trucke, along Hwy 40 to Downeyville (got on 42 somewhere in there) and then back to Truckee through Sierraville, and then home. Great fun twisty curvy ride and I was able to keep up with the group with no problems. Hung out at Mom's for dinner before cruisen back down the mountain to hang out at Dad's.

Monday, Puzzleman and I went out along Leviathon Mine Rd to gather up the series of caches along there. 38 of those plus two others was the score for the day. That was is a great one and wound its way back into the mountains and up and over the range until we got to Monitor Pass. I loved that route, the views were phenomenal and the day was beautiful. Cme back down Monitor to 395 along Topaz where NDOT (CDOT?) was completely removing the highway to repair it. Ugh, that was slow. This was also shortly after the Topaz Fire and we were thinking of going to check on a cache we hid with a friend. But our stomachs were demanding attention so back to Minden and lunch. Afterwards we headed home and I was able to catch up with my Dad to go see Avengers (again, love Tony Stark) before gearing up and heading home.

Relaxed and quiet weekend. Not too many pictures, though I will load them soon. Need to figure out a system to get pics while on the bike. I'm loving the GoPro videos on YouTube from bikes so that might be my next purchase. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Bay Area cacher and enjoy reading your adventures. Thanks! @AlphaRomero

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo:@RomeroAlpha (The name I wanted was taken when I joined Twitter)