Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two and Four wheel fun

Beginning to wonder if I should break this into two separate blogs? One for my adventures on the bike and another for general? I dunno, but we'll see how things progress in the coming months.

So Thursday I finally got the title to the Ninja. Yippee!! She's all mine! To celebrate, I rode straight out to highway 722 to play on the short segment of twisties and the oh so nice s-turn. Even managed to wedge my cell phone into the vest pocket and film a portion of the ride. Course, the long flat ride back to Fallon was bleh.

Friday after work I took the bike to get it washed from all the bugs and road grime that had built up on the plastic. Wanted her to look all shiney for her new installation. The prior owner had bought frame sliders and never got them installed. That was the Saturday project. Stripped off the front plastic body panels and carefully installed the tough bolts designed to support the bike in the event of a crash. The key bolt was actually a reinforced replacement of the one that held the engine in place. That was tricky. Later we went to go see Men in Black 3 (good movie and it's been HOW LONG since the first??). Later, I got a call from Puzzleman about some FTF chances up the hill. We raced up to see two rigs already at the site. Bern and Castledwellers were chatting, which is odd as they usually leave after finding it. So why we're we all reliving the grand FTF parties of years ago?

Bern had driven his front tire off the road and his truck was sitting on the front bumper. Oops. Good thing he knows someone with a tow truck! (his own, for those who don't know.)

Sunday, Puzzleman and I again met up but this time it was got go explore options for his new hide. We headed up Ash Canyon, looking at a few good possibilities. But when we reached the top, it was explore time as he'd never been up there and there was a new road leading to an overlook. We found the cache site and it had one hell of a view down into the canyon and valley below! Placed the cache and headed down again to grab lunch and maybe meet up with Dr. Boom. But timing didn't work out so instead we found a new area to play in where Puzzleman came up with an absolutely wicked evil idea for each stage of a devilish Multi. I love it and can't wait to see it come together.

Uneventful ride home after that. Highway 50 really needs some character other than being simply flat and straight, up down flat, up down flat. Snore!!

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