Monday, June 25, 2012

Cuddle buddy!

Technically, the weekend started early for me. Had intended to spend Friday hanging out and getting a few errands done. However, shortly into the day I was feeling like crap and really wanting to do something I would probably regret. So mentally, I'm blocking out everything up until 5.

A good friend of mine, Shawn, is visiting his mom this week. I originally met him way back in the days of playing Vampire; The Masquerade. But, like most of the great people I know, I can't quite pinpoint exactly when I met him as it blends and feels like I've known him forever. (Tarry is kinda the exception, as I met him at an event that I can identify, but ask me when we started emailing... Errrr, I draw a blank). Anyway, so I went out to his Mom's place and we packed up to head out for a camping trip. First stop my house to pack the gear, then we grabbed gas and munchies before heading over to his Dad's for some socializing. I figured we'd camp in Dixie Valley to take advantage of the darkness and remoteness for some epic stargazing!

Those who don't really know me might think of me as remote, indifferent, withdrawn, whatever. But for some very few animal-type folks, I am one huge cuddle bear! And Shawn is certainly a fantastic pillow. Yay, I got to cuddle!! First time in a very long time, me was a happy wolf!

That night was chilly but my sleeping bag kept me warm and the dawn woke me up. We hung out at camp for a few hours just chilling before heading out to go visit the Den's waterfall, the earthquake faults along Fairview, the old settlement in Dixie Valley (including two of the tanks along the Tank Trail), the down to Grime's Point for a walk through of the petroglyphs. Home to get cleaned up to go hang out with friends at Bully's for the UFC fight. For some reason the fights were boring me and I found myself watching the baseball game on the next screen. Afterwards we went to CommRow where Shawn turned into a spider and crawled up the outside wall before we played around on the boulders. Made for a very long day when I finally got home around 1 or 2 ish.

Sunday I hung out with Puzzleman for a caching trip to Fernley but we got distracted and headed to Reno to go shopping at Scheels and REI. He got cocoon sunglasses and I seriously scored on a pair of Keen boots. Back home, few more caches, and then I just crashed. Tried loading some heavy music into the Zune to attempt to get tunes on my bike. I think I may give up on the Bluetooth idea and just either hooked up my phone to hear the various audio coming out of it (love the app!) or just listen to the MP3 player I have.

Gots to save money!!

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Anonymous said...

Awww. Glad you had fun in the middle of the universe at that moment. ;-)