Monday, June 11, 2012

A Lake Tahoe adventure

I love wind, really I do. It just never seems to stop and keeps letting you know that it is going to be here forever! :head desk: and take out the power just as I am working on a project! So, went home, headed to Radio Shack to grab some parts, and Dad and I installed a 12 volt plug onto the bike. I can plug my phone and iPad in now! Yippee!!

Tuesday I did get to see the transit of Venus. Both through and also through the solar shields we had bought for the eclipse earlier. Thursday was the Annual Meeting and Ice Cream Social at the Churchill County Museum, so I swung by there and listened to all the announcements and wandered through the aisles of artifacts. My kind of hang out.

Before I installed the plug, I wandered the internet looking to see what I needed to do. During the course of that, I signed up for, a forum for 250 owners. So now I am stumbling through there reading the different threads and seeing what's going on with other owners. One thread asked for the women riders to post their pics so I got a few taken of me and uploaded them. All the while playing Minecraft on my iPad. I know the blocks are limited on the pocket version, but while digging down for stone and looking for coal, I came upon Redstone, Gold, Diamond, and Iron Ore!! So Dad came up with the great idea of mining the hell out of the area and saving the game in hopes a future update will allow use of those blocks. Cool!!

Saturday I had planned on trying to go to Valhalla, the Renaissance Faire held annually at Camp Richardson. But when I texted Mom to see if she wanted to join me, I was asked instead if I wanted to join them riding around the lake to go see a friend of theirs. Sure, I'll go! We cruised along the west side of the lake, around Emerald Bay, over to Tahoe City, then on around towards Mount Rose where we stopped and had lunch. Then down into Washoe to visit their friend who is moving to Texas (and is also a new Cacher!). We chatted before continuing down into Carson to grab dinner. Later I hung out with Tarry for a bit just to chat and catch up.

Sunday, neither of us really had any plans so, after I got the swamp cooler reconnected for Dad, Puzzleman and I headed up to Tahoe to grab some caches along Highway 50, then a few in South Shore, before heading to a new park I heard about along the state line. Beautiful place with a great trail going from behind the casinos up to the Tahoe Rim Trail. The TRT has realigned the whole area around Kingsbury Ridge to get the hiking trail out of the neighborhoods. And so there is a mess of new trails all along Daggett Summit and the link through the Van Sickle Bi-State Park connects it to the basin. Overall great hike though a) I need to be able to breathe better and b) I really need to learn to drink water! Once we got back down to the valley I had enough time to ask Dad to go take pictur of me while I cut around one of the tight corners of the truck route to Virginia City. THAT WAS FUN!!

Home then to watch Thor, argue with my wifi, and crash hard after a long weekend. Love it!

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