Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The big blue privacy invader

My stepdad has an account for their Harley, Sydney, used to post pics and trips.

Wow, I think after all this time I might agree that's a good use for Facebook. I mean, really, I had an account and hated it. All it was duplicates of Twitter and twitter can do the same thing I need it to without all the grilling as to who I am or what I do, etc.

But, to use it as a history and journal for my motorcycle adventures and changes? Now that would be a cool idea! Especially if I can get it looking like a travelogue (maps, pics, impressions, etc). So, yeah, I'll do that. Though since the account is new, I can't get the Timeline option for another month to fill in the older stuff. Hence, this entry to keep track of what I do until that feature becomes available.

(why am I agreeing to this FB account vs my own? I can make up BS about the bike and they'll have ZERO information on me. HA!)

May 12: Kurt loaned me his white Honda Ascot 500 (1980's bike) and Jim and Mom, Kurt, and I rode up Monitor Pass and back before having dinner in Markleeville just to get me back into the riding habit.

May 13: joined the Tahoe Blue Riders to cruise out to Quincy for lunch.

May 18: the itch got to bad, BOUGHT SEIRYU!! 1857 miles on her already, and one drop resulting in cracked and holey left fairing.

May 22: removed the MPG Growler exhaust and replaced the stock one. (Willing to sell the Growler!)

May 23: look! Got both the truck and bike into the garage!!

May 27: joined the Tahoe Blue Riders for a lunch trip to Downeyville.

May 31: got the title! Also cruised up 722 for some curves and an attempt at filming the ride.

June 1: ahh, baby got her first bath!

June 2: installed the frame sliders received during purchase. Almost look like highway pegs, but way to high and tiny.

June 4: installed a 12 volt plug under the passenger seat to power my phone and iPad.

June 8: rode into Carson and got pics of me and the bike for ninjette.org

June 9: joined Jim and Mom for a ride around the Lake to Tahoe City and then down into Washoe to visit a friend of theirs.

June 10: Dad agreed to stand on the side of the road and take pics of me cutting through the tight corner so I would have some great action shots!

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