Sunday, April 6, 2008

1700 and counting!

Today was an absolutely wicked day! Course, this weekend has been an absolutely killer two days.

Last night, late last night, RoadRunner published a bunch of new caches - including a new series by abeyoni - called the A.H.R.'s or Abe's Honor Roll. In those is number 4 - NevadaWolf! Whoo hoo! I sent a text to b0neZ saying this was going to be my milestone cache.

I think I summed up today nicely in my log. Here's what I had to say to the world:

Oh my, oh my Gosh, Abe, what can I say, but thanks for including me in your honor roll. I'm not sure what this poor little wolf is to do with, now, two caches named after her...

Get FTF, of course!

Originally tried this from Wingfield Springs, thinking to make one awesome adventure out of it. But, ended up on a road leading over to Bob the Cat's honor cache - nope, that's not mine. So headed back in an attempt to find another road. Eventually found it - cutting straight through a golf course that had a rather ragged looking barbwire fence and an unfriendly sign of "Private Property with Armed Guards" errr.. not that way. Kept wheeling until we came to the neighborhood along Los Altos, and bounced our way unto pavement only to discover the wrong side of a blocked off dead end road and a friendly Sparks police officer asking us, "Now what?" hehehe, oops

Okay, so that kinda killed the adventure as b0neZ is still on the graveyard shift and needed to get home. I however was determined to bag the blank log book on this one.

Came back and headed out towards Mustang and found a rinky dirt one with one suggestive set of tire tracks on it. Headed up, and up, and up, and round, and round, and there's the cache! 170 feet! Got out of the truck and stepped into a gale-force wind storm. It pushed me right up to the cache site, right over all the slate rocks, and took my breath away. It's a good thing I've done enough of your caches cause I couldn't focus on the GPS, so just went for the obvious Abe place - and there she was.

One sweet victory and a great way to bring my cache count to 1700!!!!

Thanks Abe, you are THE man! CACHE ON BUDDY!

Yeah - this has been an absolutely prefect weekend.

You found "EUREKA", Crystal Clear, Louie, Round the Roundabout, Dum-Dum give me Gum-Gum, A.H.R.:#4 NVWOLF

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