Saturday, December 13, 2008

King's Canyon Adventure

Well, Trekrr had gone back out and DNF'd "What a Waste" again, so he was able to follow Big Truck Crew and Lil' Miss Muffit up to a new cache on the King's Canyon Road going up to Spooner Summit.

Later, he asks if I want to go up. Well, duh!!! So, we pile into the 4Runner and head up the hill. Note there's snow on the ground and we're climbing a steep, narrow dirt road into the high Sierra. Yeah, this is intelligent.

We find the cache easily enough, and then decide to continue on, testing if the road was fully passible to a rig like mine.

It was a great climb, a couple of really narrow spots, one that got my heart racing, and overall a fun excursion onto a little used road.

It was so fun, that when we got to the place geolinux and I had found a couple years back, I dug out the ammo can in the back and we hid our own cache, called King's Canyon Adventure.

NevadaWolf found Pirates Bootty

NevadaWolf placed King's Canyon Adventure
Note - this has since been found, the FTF is not only brave, but incredibly insane. Read and Learn.

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