Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another hike and some in-towns

I've gotten to the point where there are so few in Carson that keeping a streak is almost impossible. Rather, it is impossible.

However, the ones I do have prove to be enjoyable hikes when I finally get my lazy tukas up there. Today was no different. There's a cacher named The Huntsman, or Duke.Johnson, or a variety of other names that he changes his placements to. Nearly all of his are hikes. They eventually lead to great views, but then the cache itself is typically a micro/small.

One has been staring at me for awhile. Up Voltaire Canyon is Stonehenge over Carson. I know how to hike it, but I also am lazy and enjoy finding out how close I can drive it. So up Voltaire I go and not only discover someone has paved the road further back, but that there's a rinky Jeep trail that climbs the ridge. So, I drive until the off-canter decomposing granite proved to much for the quad tracks I was following. No way am I taking my 4Runner up there!

Time to hoof it.

Once I got to the top, I was treated to a beautiful panorama of Eagle and north Carson Valleys. And great rocky outcroppings at the top! Okay, it was worth it even if the cache was a mini metal locker.

Later, b0neZ, kindergeek, and I go out and clean out the remaining handful of caches in Carson. Now I'm down to new caches, and three tougher hikes within 5 miles of the house. I'll get it cleaned out!

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