Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Diabolical hide

After a clue given by Puzzleman at the party last night, Trekrr and I went after What a Waste and found it blatantly sitting in the bush. It was not there when we looked originally! It was meant to be on the ground!

So we found that one, and another nearby and again, Carson was cleaned out for me.

Now, a few nights back, Bern called us diabolical. I took offense to that. Really, I've only been a little evil, maybe dastardly. Nothing that warranted Diabolical...yet.

An idea had been floating around in my mind for years, ever since I met Team Alamo for the first time - and he had a UV light in the truck. Oh the possibilities. Four years later, the fruits had finally ripened and it was time to lay our a master-stroke of wickedness!

Between Trekrr and I we got the pieces in place, we'd found the area, and we set up the first UV cache in the Carson area and the first I'd ever seen throughout Nevada. Specifically designed to be done at night gave it an even bigger twist, added to that was an area few ventured into that had a lot of twisty roads, and one wicked stage that I hoped would throw everyone for a major mental hard-left.

Carson, you're in Check. 12/21/2008
NevadaWolf found What a Waste., A little birdy told me . . .

NevadaWolf placed Now *This* is Diabolical
Note - the logs are great! Read through them and then come do this cache!

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