Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slight break

Not much has been happening since the flight. Mostly picking up a few caches here and there. Fun little FTF game myself and three others have got going lately.

Picked up a few caches in Tahoe when we went up there for a birthday dinner.

Attended the Flash Mob and fished in the Atlantis fountain, then had breakfast afterwards.

A run out highway 50 to check on one of my watched caches who's log was full and then some caches in Fallon on the way home.

But it's all right, come this weekend, I'll finally be able to head to Central Nevada with SKWERL to pick up his DeLorme Challenge final and grab some caches in the remotest part of the state.

I'm jazzed!!


NevadaWolf found Abe's Prize Geocash


NevadaWolf found Wood-boring Bivalves

NevadaWolf found Alien Sighting Guaranteed, Loneliest Rock, What the Huck!!!, Fly Navy

NevadaWolf found Right in Front of Your Face!, Mind Over Matter, Poleter-gist

NevadaWolf adopted Como Over Here

NevadaWolf found North Park
NevadaWolf didn't find Goni Trail

NevadaWolf found Check Out the Tome Collector

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