Sunday, August 31, 2008

Caching, AirSoft, and it's only Sunday

I love three day weekends, so much can happen and time goes by in spurts and stalls.

Okay, so here's the story.

Saturday, Trekrr comes by and picks up b0neZ, kindergeek, and myself and we all head out to Fallon for a day of caching and an event that afternoon. Well, I'd done a pretty good job clearing (not entirely cleaning) out the southern side of town, so we hit the North. With the four of us it should be a cake walk day.

But first, I downloaded a new program called Field Notes that'll keep track and then create a log file that can be uploaded to into their Field Notes section - and eliminates about 85% of the logging time and effort. I'm SOLD on this program.

So, Fallon we go and hit 13 caches including the event and several DNFs from my last trip out there. Plus we stopped by the September 11th memorial as we'd just been explaining to kindergeek why it was that our country was in a war - as much as you can explain such an event to a 9 year old. Afterwards, Trekrr and I headed south to Gardnerville to pick up an additional 8 caches again with some of my previous DNFs.

Total logging time 20 minutes. I LOVE this program! Read more: (link to Podcacher forums).

Okay, so that was Saturday. Sunday it was wake up early again and this time head out once again to the old Champion Speedway here in Carson. A poor wreck of a race track that has defiantely seen better days and times. News is the land defaulted back to the bank and they've taken on the challenge of cleaning it up. Until then, it gets used for airsoft and paintball games - and other... stuff.

So, the whole point is to play war. But using air guns that fire little plastic BBs around .12 grams or the Heavy .20 grams. Everyone dresses for the occastion and breaks into teams, then a situation is detailed out and then game on. Okay, so I'm not much into shooting others, even with a fake gun, so I'll shot film (or pixels in my case). Whoo Hooo, the Photographer has arrived in her bright RED SHIRT! Yeah, don't shoot me, and if you do, I now shoot back. Still, to avoid accidents or ricochets, I have a face mask.

I like watching those who are former or current military go against gun lovers who couldn't be military. The range is from a couple snipers to the pistol wielding gunslingers, even a fantasy rifle thrown in for good mix. A lot of friendly competition, and a good time had by all. I got lots of cool pictures. Only downside is the severe grafitti that crosses the line. Thankfully Photoshop is a skill I have.

Then on Monday! We discovered that kindergeek has very little basic gun safety skills, so back out onto the track to teach the boy how to handle, hold, carry, load, fire, cover, conceal, move, and other skills needed when one has a weapon in one's hand. Overall a great day out and I found that even b0neZ can't hit the broadside of a barn with a replica Famas!! I, of course, being the barn.

Later, Trekrr called to find out if we wanted to go out and find some of the EarthCaches that have recently popped up in our area. Of course! Learned about two earthquake faults, one in Genoa and the other in Silver City, and then learned a prominant hill in Six Mile Canyon is the remains of a volcanic throat! Totally cool!!

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. I'm really enjoying getting back out and doing things rather than being stuck in the house all day reading a book.

NevadaWolf found Way To Wal Mart, SKCUBRATS, Taco Zone, skater park, Alley Cache, Micro Cache, "The Handyman" Cache, Hay, can i have a ride?, Desert Seeking, LoneSack, Union Pacific, Star Zone, 2007 Carson Valley Scouts Cache, INK-N-OIL, D's Grand View, HSF, Old Mendes Meat Market, Old School, welcome to winhaven, Jack's Valley #7

NevadaWolf attended MEET-N-GREET!,

NevadaWolf couldn't find Azlyn's Attic, Infestation

NevadaWolf found It's not my fault!, It's Silver City's Fault, Sugarloaf

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