Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock art and Caching mania

Time for my yearly vacation helping the Nevada Rock Art document an INTENSE site in the mountains near Reno. This year was no exception as we've finally reached the cliff face and we're working on the largest of the petroglyphs on the site.

I can fully place blame on the NRAF for my addiction to geocaching. See, 5 years ago, while working at the Club Booth, three folks walk up to sign up for the card. They each were wearing a shirt with petroglyphs on them. I think poor Martin thought I'd mug him trying to find out information. The next day I was sitting in on the training class, and the following I was filling out a questionaire, that included asking about GPS experience...

And that led to the discovery of the game that's dominated my life ever since.

I went to work at the site that started the whole idea of forming a Foundation to protect and preserve these sacred sites throughout the Great Basin. I've worked up there six seasons now and each year I still discover new rock art motifs. I've also worked on another site that the expansion of Sparks is threatening, but my heart lies with the masterpiece.

This is also where my other "hobby" comes from. Alanah, the founder of the NRAF, discovered my handwriting. Ever since, I'm the one who's been labelling the slides taken at sites all over Nevada. I love it asit gives me a chance to see the rock art from sites that I highly doubt I'll make it to.

In addition to playing on basalt all day, I've also been staying up here in Reno and am taking the chance to go caching! I've been hooking up with a few folks, but this is my chance to get some numbers under my belt.

NevadaWolf found Watch out for loco's!!!, Can you 'ear' me now?...1, What a Rush !, Turducken

NevadaWolf found Candy Corn's Christmas Cache 2007
NevadaWolf posted a note for Shell Shocked II
NevadaWolf couldn't find The World...Goes...round-N-round...AboutYou!, JGMTC VI

NevadaWolf found The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - Pete N' Tink, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - Rockstar, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - Buttercup, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon - One-Eyed Willy, The Treasure of the Leaky Spoon

NevadaWolf posted a note for JGMTC VI, A Carson City Multi-Cache

NevadaWolf found Keep Your Chin Up, Galleria Overlook, House of the holy, Kiley Ranch, Troll Toll, Safe-1-Uh-Be, Golden Eagle Overlook, Dirty in Wingfield, Woody in Wingfield, Sky's the Limit, Don't get switched, Peanut butter chronicles, part II, The World...Goes...round-N-round...AboutYou!, JGMTC VI, Lovers of the Bard, Damonte Path #2, Bartholomew Cubbins, Nearly Green Power, Los Althole, Another Park Hang Out, Long's Gate, Bridge View, The Bridge Center, Beyond the Starcrest
NevadaWolf couldn't find Holey Mackeral, Par Three?, Egg Toss II, Toys in the Gutter

NevadaWolf found CubCache #1 - Bobcat, O Tannenbaum, Family Tradition, Lost in the Woods, Uphill at the Y, The Road to Nowhere , Chalk Bluff, The Mogul Landslide, By a Landslide!, On the Rd from C...1, On the Rd from C...2, Gold Ranchole, Hole in One, Tornado Ali, A good book has no ending, Terraced View, Home Run Zone, Glasswing Butterfly, ONE OF A KIND
NevadaWolf reported On Their Way to Reno! needs maintenance
NevadaWolf posted a note for Joe-Sam
NevadaWolf couldn't find Park at the OK Corral

NevadaWolf couldn't find Bridging the Gap
NevadaWolf posted a note for Remo's Great Adventure Relived

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