Saturday, August 16, 2008

Carson City's 150th Birthday

It's a Mega-Cake.

Today took a break from caching and decided to join int he festivities marking the 150th anniversary of Carson City's birth. For on this day, the deed to the property of Eagle Station was transferred over to Curry, Musser, Proctor, and Green - who founded the town that would become the capitol.

Hopped on my bike and rode down to the museum, which is the former US Mint, and waited my turn in line for the freshly minted medallions commemorating the occastion. It's fun to watch the old stamp press out coins and know that this piece of history used to press out legal US coins with the famous CC mark.

Wandered over to the parking lot of the Nugget where booths were set up for local vendors and the chili cook-off. Got to finally meet Tony and Local Lady from But since my mouth is not a chili fan, I rode over to the Children's Museum where a street carnival was taking place. Had fun playing some games, eating italian ice and learning some geology from a UNR representative. Bout this time, Dad called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch at the City cafe and bakery at the other end of town.

There are times when riding a bike through town is the best, for you get to see those small moments that give towns their character and charm. I love going through the capitol grounds when the trees are completely filled with leaves and the sunlight is filter through as a soft breeze sways the branches.

Enjoyed my lunch and headed over to the library in an attempt to get enough passport stamps to receive a free t-shirt and pin. They had a great collection of historic photos, some of which I hadn't seen before, and I got a coupon for half off in their bookstore, so of course I picked up two books. Then it was over to the Brewery to watch the jazz festival. took a moment to get in as I didn't have the cash, only wanted my stamp, but once they found out I'd waited in line for the medallion, that got me in as the Appeal was covering anyone who got the coin. Stood and listened to some great music, fun dancing, and lots of good times, before heading back over to the Nugget for the cake.

Which turned out to be 2008 cupcakes donated by Wal-Mart in the shape of Nevada. The celebrities included the mayor, one of our senators, the state archivist, and a handful of descendants from the founders, plus the entire committee who put this one. It was a great time!

Then Dad, b0neZ, kindergeek, and I went off on an FTF attempt outside Topaz. There's a new cache placed near an Earth Crust monitoring station. An internet-connected GPS monitors the position of hundreds of points on the western half of North America. It was a cool little gizmo out there and yes we did get the blank log sheet.

This was a great day!

NevadaWolf found Earth Scope

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