Friday, October 24, 2008

A cache a day

Or at least a hike.

I decided since I've failed miserably at the 100 Push-ups Challenge, I'd start hiking instead. Right.

So, rather than attemptingt o do something massive, my idea is to simply go after a cache a day and walk to it if possible. Considering most of the caches I have left in Carson are there because they're hikers should make this goal easy.

Then I started thinking about my "streak", which is a sad little 14 days in a row of caching that I did sometime way back in 2003 or 2004. I need to fix that, even if its 15. So, now I'm trying to do a cache and a hike a day to get back in shape and beat my streak.

Here we go.

NevadaWolf found Tuatara

NevadaWolf found Timberview

NevadaWolf found Lakeview, Sort of

NevadaWolf found A Capitol Idea

NevadaWolf found Sam's one of a kind

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