Sunday, October 19, 2008

Earthcache Geology Trip

So, while logging the Earthcaches from the other day, I learned about a Geology Field Trip put on by UNR - including the fabeled GeoEdYOUcation who puts out most of the Earthcaches around here.

So I show up Saturday morning and we head out into the desert. I ended up riding along with an incredibly friendly family and I loved every minute of the trip.

We stopped at various sites of different volcanic flows, ancient shorelines, historic sources of minerals, and a totally AWESOME site of peralite and apache tears!

Sunday, I head up with kindergeek and b0neZ to meet with LostInReno, moonchaser, geospyder, and Team Alamo. We all head out to Fernley to grab caches since we all needed some out that way. Of course we stopped at the earthcache!

A totally fun trip and even after our little group broke apart to head off to cache areas that we each needed, it was still a blast spending the day with friends and getting out of the same ol area to get back out into the desert.

NevadaWolf found McClellan Peak Basalt Flow at Mustang, Washoe Coun, Pit of Wonders, Tears of Joy, Perlite Prospect with Apache Tears

NevadaWolf found Truckee River Route - Little Meadows, This be an adventure, Foul Ball, Shadow, Where's Pizza, All About the "F", Tankey, Stephanie's Treasure, IHO: Taylor Swift aka scraggs20, Baby Rattlers, The pot view of Fernley, Lyon's Den, Fernley Bug & Coin Inn., Fernley Loves Geo-truckers, Truckee River Route - The Deep Sand Swales, Road side, Punch Line..."The Panda", A.H.R.:#8 RENO HIKER

NevadaWolf couldn't find House Of The Sun, Fernley Oil Field

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