Saturday, December 1, 2007

A quick summary of 5 months

Oh good lord! What happened?!

Caching wise: Since the hike to Snow Valley Peak, several things have happened on the caching side of my life. Quick highlights include:
  • Solving some cool multis with Mamma Gravy
  • An AWESOME hike to Mt Rose with randallh, abeyoni, and eph
  • Enjoyable hike through Galena Park with Mamma Gravy, b0neZ and kindergeek
  • Cool trip through Fernley with b0neZ, kindergeek, and geospyder
  • Pre-trip to Lagomarsino with b0neZ and KG to check on my cache.
  • A BUNCH of FTF's around Carson
  • Trip down through Yerington and back through Gardnerville.
  • The MEGA-HUGE Meet & Greet event in Tonopah
  • A second trip along the 2007 Rally route
  • A re-check on the Tonopah caches

Not only that, but I got roped (gladly) into helping with the 2008 Rally Route. There's been a lot of events past and future that I'm going to try to get to, another Delorme Finishers party, the GBES birthday party, and a major Vegas event shortly into the new year.

Life side: Too many changes have happened, some of which are why I haven't had time to cache, blog, or anything else for that matter. Biggest changes are I moved into my own place and I have someone new in my life. b0neZ showed up while I was looking at info about the Angora Fire. He's been by my side ever since and I've majorly gotten him into caching. He's seriously afflicted with the FTF bug and between our notifies we have run all over Northern Nevada at some very bizarre hours.

Hopefully I'll be able to start this up again. It may be short entries, but I'll try to post something from each trip using Mobile Blogger.

Stay tuned!

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