Thursday, December 27, 2007

1600 or bust!

Today was the day.

Spotted a bunch of caches out in Fernley this morning, so after breakfast and kindergeek playing numberous rounds of Crash on the gamecube, we headed north to Reno and then out I-80 to Fernley. I'd originally intended to grab a few on the way back, but - forgetting winter's habit of geting dark quickly - we only got the ones in Fernley itself.

Had a great day, ending up with 12 caches by the time it got too dark and cold. But we did get to wheel around the hills north of town and play in the snow all over the place. Some very creative cachers out there, especially Nitro. The best cache was his Ninty-Five-Fifty cache, but you'll need to head out there to see what it was so good.

Came home in time for two notifies to pop up telling us that Clark Gable and Garmin Dude had been busy while we were away and they placed two new caches. The first was an easy one right outside the Craft Market (where, alas, my dad had been considering placing one) and the second turned out to have bad coords. Sent an email off to Gable and then we went and looked at Christmas lights at the Governor's Mansion.

Once we got home (again), settled down to dinner - I finally got the hang of cooking some delicious chicken - and played some video games while everyone logged. With the 13 I'd picked up today, I'm now sitting at 1602. Yeah!

After dinner, my email began lighting up. Monty is finally giving up his Nevada caches and I adopted 7 of them. Some are, eh, whatever - if they go missing, they go. But I did get Box Falls out of the deal which is the best cache location I've found. Also 4 or 5 Crazy Guys is in a decent location, just the puzzle portion of it is shot, so I need to rework that. So, out of the now 27 hides to my name 13 are mine, 3 are joint with Dad, 2 adopted from Seredipity, 6 adopted from Doc Rock, 2 adopted from boogsar, and 1 "stolen" from Mountain People. Nice.

All in all a great day - and I still have two more days off this week!

Caches we found today: Hillside, what a view, Hang Lowe., Amazuma, All About the numbers #3, On the way to Reno, Park Right Next To It!, Block Me, Ninety-Five-Fifty, We have it all, Desert Pilot Cache, Wadsworth SHM, Crafty One

Caches I adopted today are Used to be Wearing a Ghillie Suit, FST: Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death, Belongaboog Kid Cache, The NEW C-Hill Cache, Box Falls, JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED: Prescription Refill, and FST: 4 or 5 Crazy Guys

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