Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another snow day

According to b0neZ, this started a half hour ago. Its really coming down. I'm glad I went caching yesterday.

Thankfully the snow didn't last too long and the rain that followed along with the sun later on melted almost all of it down here in the valley floor. Unfortunately for us human's, though, it dropped below freezing again and the nice layer of water from the snow and rain became a nice layer of solid black ice. Even my hiking boots lacked the tread for some patches and I biffed it while outside of Cabella's.

We went in to look around and had fun admiring all the COOL toys! Dad had asked me what I wanted for Chirstmas and the only things I could come up with were City Navigator for the Garmin or a portable printer for the house. We looked at the City Navigator, but I wasn't fully set on getting that. So we drifted over to CompUSA (who are going out of business!!) and I spotted the bluetooth GPS section.

:drool: And a beautiful Pharos 600!! But, alas, $650 is steep.

I ended up walking out with a cool little Delorme BT-20 for the Pocket PC. Spent all night trying to get the thing to work and finally had to muck around with the registry and the comm settings to get it to link up. But I was able to run both the Street Atlas and Google Maps with the GPS connected. Score!

The next morning though I have had issues witht the com ports to link up to the net (I'm blogging now, so obviously I got those working again. Now just to make sure that the bluetooth still works!

Wish me luck!

Edit - solution was to make sure that I deleted the open Com settings for the GPS before attempting the open the Com setting for the modem. One extra step, but hey, I got it working!

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