Sunday, December 16, 2007

Delorme Finishers Party

Party's getting into full swing as all of Reno joins in to celebrate the most recent completers of the greatest Challenge

Rode up with Dad today to attend the 3rd Delorme Challenge Finishers party, congratulating Lil' Devil and Team Alamo who were there, and a far-away congrats to spudkicker, FlaXJer, and jahoadi and john.

Around 25-30 people showed up and overran the little party room at Straw Hat. Course, dummy me thought it was at Round Table, and only the inflata-Bull out front kept our attention enough to spot GeoSpyder's own Green Jeep. Good food, great company, what more can you ask for?

Let's see, Team Alamo, rock & crystal, fisherwoman and ???, me, b0neZ, and Dad, LostInReno, faith (no cookie that I saw), iamacaver, SKWERL, CharlieBaltimore, Topaz GeoGoats, LaughingGravy, Find Waldo, geospyder, FortuneFinders and Lil'Devil were there, plus a handful of kids running around. Great turnout! Moonchaser and abeyoni showed up at the end of the event but still got to say howdy to everyone.

Afterwards, about six of us walked while the rest drove over to spyder's new cache The Canidate which RoadBird had published about two hours before the event. That was a blast to see, in Lee's words, a gaggle of cachers surround this poor little hide. It didn't stand a chance.

It was a very cool day! I'm planning on trying to hit about 30 caches in Reno on Wednesday before work (wish me luck) and then I'm hosting an Event here in Carson on the 29th. Hopefully I'll bag 1600 by the end of the year. Hard to believe it was only in February that I broke 1000. Course there's no way I'm getting about 400 before February to gain that magical 1k in 1 year - though it'd be nice.

On another note, over in the NGA forums, a simple question was asked as to who would be the Geocacher for November - well, one thing led to another, and, well, here's the post from JoBoSoMo's Mom:

"I come back with one post and I'm being mentioned on other threads. Gosh but it makes me feel good. "Life Experience", "caching experience". I'm not sure that qualifies me but if it does I will say that it is official. Nevada Wolf is now the Official Geocacher of the Year for all of Nevada. If anyone out there doesn't agree let me know. It won't make any difference but you can let me know. I think all the votes that have been submitted verify that I have made the right call."

I'm going to have a seriously stupid smile on my face all the way through to the event down there - I think the lackey's are going to wonder about me. Tis all good, and I'm so thrilled that this simple little wolf has such great friends.

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