Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! / Late caching post

And a happy new year to all my friends and family.

Today was the usual Christmas thing, though b0neZ and I went out to his folk's place in Silver Springs to be there for breakfast. All the presents had been opened already (as we got there about 11am), but we opened ours. I got a cool fuzzy bear blanket, a wolf picture frame, and two wolf plaques to hang on the wall.

I spent the time hanging out with b0neZ's family - watching kindergeek play his new GameCube game, and Ryan play around with his new tool set and race track. His Dad was putting together a video game cycle, where the peddling and handlebar position controlled the action on the screen. Great idea!

Then it was time for me to go to work. As I was driving into Dayton, there were two caches that have just been nagging me right off the road (literally this time, promise, GPS read 0.5 miles). So, I got sick enough of seeing them, and had enough time, that I drove up the hillside to go get them.

It's been a great day - and the week will only get better as I have three days off and then next week its off to Viva Las Vegas, Baby!!!

Today I found "Have a Cigar" (very creative hide) and Rattlesnake MT. Both had excellent coordinates.


I can't believe I forgot to post our brief (1 hour) caching trip after kindergeek got here. We ran up to Reno as I'm still on my quest for 1600. Swung by south Reno to grab a small clump that I saw down there. Trouble was 3 of them were along a walking path and a one hour crunch time does not allow for that. But I did get to play some more with my BT-20 and KG got to play with the Legend Cx as I still need to check the accuracy on that thing.

We found GBES Poker 07 - Ace of Damonte, Big Red of Damonte, FTF Compulsion, and Hewey

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