Friday, December 21, 2007

Waiting on eternity

Hanging out in Brew Brothers as the flight is unexpectedly delayed.

It's been a long day - first Nicole and I went up to Reno for a great lunch and conversation at TGI Friday's, then came back home. Then Dad and I went up to Reno to play with my new bluetooth GPS, a Delorme BT-20. Got the thing working last night and it is so cool! Now I have a trick if RoadRunner publishes a cache while we're out and about and we're caught without either GPS (its been known to happen). I can use it either with the included Street Atlas or with Google Maps.

Then came back home and grabbed b0neZ to head back up to Reno and hang out in the airport waiting for the one and only Kindergeek. As the pic above shows, the plane was delayed over in Oakland, so our two hour wait turned into three. But all is good and he is here - and now playing the GameCube that b0neZ got him (ARGH, there is a game console in my house!)

Stay turned as I'm only 17 away from the big 1600 - shall we see what transpires over the next few weeks?

Caches hit today: The Eye of Providence (I think b0neZ would enjoy this), Old KooKoo's Nest (finally - kept ignoring this), GBES POKER - 07 - Once Upon An Eagle Thrifty.. (the bigest LPC I've seen)

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