Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter caching

Out and about on a snowy cold day of caching. Stopped off at Emerald City café for the travel bug hotel and for lunch.

Today was a great day, despite it snowing last night. Met up with LostInReno, moonchaser, NVGreenGecko, and Razorback for a day of caching around Reno. They needed some areas cleaned up and I was just along for the ride.

Caching in the snow is definately a unique experience. Cold, windy, and icy all add to the adventure. We were breaking apart chunks of snow on trees, sticking hands down into frozen rock piles, and generally getting cold. Though both Gecko and Razorback had bought little hats that, in Gecko's words, made them look like "Heidi from the Swiss Alps" or the little boy in A Christmas Story. We were threatening to find a flag pole after that.

I managed to score 15 caches and 1 DNF. Not sure how much of a dent that put into the total needed in Reno, but hey, its a start.

Got home, waited for b0neZ to get off work, then the two of us went to go see Beowulf in 3-D. OMG!!! Totally worth the cost of admission for a mind-blowing experience. The technology for the 3D plus the skill level on the graphics was enough to completely suspend reality. Course, the little "Oh, look at the 3D effect" cheap effect moments were unneccessary, as the overall movie was just downright COOL! Highly recommended, especially if you gave up on movies for expense and lameness.

No plans yet on the next caching adventure. Two upcoming events are the Delorme Finishers Party and a huge Groundspeak event in Vegas. Fun times are going to be had!

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