Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caching around Reno

Just finished a great day of caching around Reno with Mama Gravy and b0neZ

Once b0neZ got off work, we headed to Reno to try to clear out the area around northwest McCarran.

Started in Rancho San Rafael, where we finally got the Rowley Grove Micro, and also picked up a 5th grade medicine cache on the other side of the park. b0neZ made the comment that he was surprised at how big the park really is. After that, we started playing connect the dots on the map, and grabbed Wooden Teeth (great camo!), Bring Bread (tons of feathered friends), Electric 5th grade cache, Montezuma's Revenge (thankfully not like the Tonopah one), HelloMoto (cute container), Hey...What's the SCORE (watched some little doggies out playing), Top O the Hill (awesome dog prints), the totally cool Jenny, and Extra Naughty (appropriate for this time of year).

Managed to get my count up to 1580. No, it's not about the numbers, but sometimes its just fun to play around with them and score some good personal milestones. 1600 is a nice round number.

Update on MooseMob has him out of the hospital and home (and "feeling fine" - though what drugs were prescribed, no one knows) with pins, screws, and braces. Joy.

Kindergeek arrives in two days, and then the two upcoming events are going to make sure that the end of 2007 is anything but plain and boring.

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