Monday, July 9, 2007

To the top of the world!

It really feels wierd logging in a story twice (one here, one in One Thousand Footsteps) but the focus is different. There I just record hikes and various bits of info about them. Here is the tale about the cache!

I saw this one get posted long ago (well, in April). Back then, Abe hadn't started caching again. But then I notice that he logs one of my caches, so I check his profile and see that he bagged the FTF on this cache. Doing a little research shows that it's up on Snow Valley Peak, the bald peak that you can see from Carson - I think, need to check that. Back then, I was thinking there is no way I'm getting that! However, now after three months of various moderate/difficult hikes, this suddenly came into the range of possibility.

So I started off and walked down the trail that I'd walked last week. Cept this time I headed up, up, up to the peak. Course, by the time that I reached the junction between the trail and North Canyon Rd, I'd changed the batteries on my GPS three times and was now out of fresh batteries and it was beeping at me that it was low. Thankfully, I'd read the cache page last night and also looked at the spoiler picture. So, once up at the peak, I simply aligned myself with where I thought it was, fired up the GPS just long enough to see that I was 200 feet from the site and as it reached 20 feet, the batteries gave out entirely. Found the cache regardless.

Managed to have enough juice in my phone to take pictures (the cameras batteries having been sacrificed to the GPS) and to log in from the summit of the peak. Also sent out a couple emails with the recently taken pictures to prove to Mamma Gravy I was still alive. Then one phone call to dad to tell him I was heading back.

The return trip was uneventful, save for one moment.

As I came over a slight rise to a section of the trail that leveled out, I happened to look up just in time to see.... a mountain lion! spring from a cluster of fallen trees and bound over the trail, up the small hill, and vanish into the forest.

Um, whoa...

Seems to be a lot of first to see animals over the last year. First bighorn sheep, first scorpion, and now first cougar. Gawds was he a beaut!

And now I'm whipped, so this is coming to a close.

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