Monday, July 9, 2007

Slide, Galena, and Como

Well, actually I've gone out and found some interesting caches lately.

While at work a few days ago, I see an email notify that RoadRunner published a new cache by Abe. Figuring Randy would beat me too it, I looked it up anyway and saw that it was up on Slide Mountain. Of all the peaks around here that I've been wanting to climb, Slide just never came across as one of them. So, a little research reveals the back road up and the next morning I take a risk to see if I can manage to out hike Randy (for once).

After stumbling around the campground and nearby summit looking for $5 (all I had on me was $10s and $20s and much as I like the wilderness area, the Forest Service is not getting that much of a tip from me) I park the truck and begin the hike up the service road. An hour later I find myself overlooking Washoe Valley, the Truckee Meadows, and a good half of Lake Tahoe. BEAUTIFUL!

Course, I had to call Abe as my foul GPS was still 30 feet off and his definition of a "tower" varied from mine. Drat. Still, bagged the peak and the FTF. This morning was good.

Mamma Gravy and I hooked up on Friday for our hike, but as it was over 100 degrees, we opted to just work on a couple very well-done multis. The first had us following clues through the trees, but I needed a lifeline as the standard clue vanished and was replaced by a container with the coords. I like having Cache Angels on speed dial.

The second multi was an awesome puzzle (three of them actually) leading up to a great overlook of Reno. Course, the heat was starting to get to us by this point, but I did have a spark of brilliance on the second puzzle and found a completely harm free work-around to get the answer. I've seen/heard of too many caches falling victim to impatient cachers.

Today, Dad and I had some free time, so we drove out to Como Rd in search of two FTFs. Course, stupid me navigated him onto the completely wrong road. Watching the ever growing plume of smoke from a large fire to the south, we wheeled across the Eldorado Canyon Reservoir dam and headed up to the powerline road on the other side of the ravine. Eventually came to some ruins that my GPS labeled as the Canyon Quarry, and the cache lie on the other side. Parked and followed some old footprints out (desert caching at it's finest - Follow the Footprints!) and the cache, and FTF, was ours!

The second cache had just been published the night before. I love that notify email. So we wheeled up to the site and got out at what looked like a good turn around point. Cheatgrass, dry day, and hot vehicle underparts are not a good combo and the thick layer of smoke was a good reminder to be safe. The hint said to reach up, course this gazelle just climbed right to the top and sat next to the cache. Uncovered it and handed it down to dad and the logbook was opened to record our second.... TO FIND?!

ARGHHHH, beaten by two Minden based cachers, BigTruckCrew and lil miss muffit. Both of whom had scored the FTF on Dad's new cache - and the proof of that visit was resting in the bottom of the cache currently in Dad's hand. The Green Jeep Travel Bug made it a whopping 10 miles before ending back in our hands. I just had to grab it.

Replaced everything as found and headed home for the day. The smoke had turned and filled the entire valley, dropping ash as it did. I really hope it doesn't affect my hike to Snow Valley Peak tomorrow.

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