Saturday, January 31, 2009

An FTF and exploring a Rally Route

Before my hike with Big Truck Crew this morning, I decided to try for the only remaining FTF from the mini frenzy last night. Now I occasionally have life interfer with getting involved in the race and so I received Puzzleman's taunting voicemail about the new caches while I had a cart load of groceries. Yeah, I'll run right out...

Instead, I get home, and jump online to watch the logs come in. Puzzleman, then Bernsports, then Minden Rat, and finally CastleDwellers all log, leaving just one of the four unfound by the morning. I woke up too early to met with BTC, didn't feel like doing my exercises, and choose to go run out and race up Prison Hill before heading out on the hike.

I plow up there as fast as I can, ending up at the saddle 20 minutes after leaving the truck. Then I scramble up onto a large rock outcrop and try to think where BTC would have hidden it. Well duh, he's as nuts as the rest of us, on top of course! Sheer dumb luck allowed me to find it almost instantly, and a quick call to Podcacher later, I was holding a beautifully blank log sheet!

But no time to admire the town in the glow of victory, I had a hike to get to! I flew down the hill and raced over, screeching into the trailhead right at the 9am meetup time.

Afterwards, I met up with Trekrr who'd found a cool road on Google Earth that he wants to use for a local version of a puzzle we learned about a few years back. So it was off to explore and find a good hiding spot. Boy, that road is full of awesome views and wicked hides. We'll definately be placing more than one cache out there.

On the way back down, Trekrr asks which way home, well we decide one way and are distracted enough by the cop pulling over a big yellow truck - in the middle of nowhere! - that we ended up heading over Sunrise Pass. This road proved to be the wettest, muddiest, slickest, soupy road we'd been on in a long time. Very careful mix of driving and sliding got us over to the other side of the Pinenut Range and we had smooth sailing all the way down the valley.

So of course we had to pick up some of the old Rally caches that are still out there. Three quick Altoid tins in bushes and rocks added to our total. But the day was getting dark, the sun was down, and my energy level was beginning to burn out. Grabbed a quick dinner and headed home.

Tomorrow, another hike and possibly a beginning to Carson's first Wherigo cache!

NevadaWolf found Voodoo on a Hoodoo, Day Route Cache 9, GBES Rally 2006, Day Route Cache 12, GBES Rally 2006, Harder Than Rock

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