Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So what do two people with no work today do on a beautiful day?

Go caching of course!

I actually needed more UV lights for Diabolical, and the only place I've found them is Fernley. So, Trekrr and I head out there via Fallon, and grab a few caches along the way.

One of the goals was NVGreenGecko's letterbox as it's part of the Northern Nevada Oldest Caches challenge, put out by (surprise) SKWERL. So we head up there, hike through some great pogonip and bag us a cache along US 95.

Then up to I-80 and out to Fernley, where I discovered that there were NO UV lights left. ARGHH!!!! Had a big lunch, fixed up our cache, then decided to go exploring since we were out there.

The route took us up to an old siding outside Fernley, and then out towards the northern tip of the West Humboldt Range, before swinging down below the southern point of the Humboldt Range, passing through a narrow summit, and then coming down all the way through Dixie Valley back to Hwy 50. Simple, right?


Once we left pavement, the road turned snow covered, though oddly plowed. We crawled through pristine mountains, passed by powerline poles with no lines, old mine tailings, sites with no names and names with no sites, found new areas to explore come summer, and forks in the roads that led to distant places. We even came upon a geothermal drill parked in the middle of the road and the crew looking at us like we were bonkers. Not far from the truth.

It was a great trip and one I've very glad to have made. We got back to Moundhouse just in time for my phone to buzz that there was a new cache in town. Can we make it?!

We pull back into Carson and see someone rooting around in the bush. I roll down the window to yell at Puzzleman that he can't find it first, but of course he did. Then we headed over to the site of another cache that had really bad coordinates, and using a phone-a-friend to the only one to have found it (using a major hint from the owner), we located the cache and got the correct coords.

A wonderful day! 1/1/2009
NevadaWolf found Anchor's Away, Twilight Zone, IHO the Fallon FTF Queen, Guard Rail to Fallon, Tubey, Graboid Territory, Gecko's Grotto, Frog Pond Two, It Used 2 Be In My Fish Tank, Fun Area for Summer, Quieter in the Winter

NevadaWolf couldn't find K7XC #2 - Dixie Valley Ranch House

NevadaWolf performed maintenance for It Had To Have One

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