Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Party, a Puzzle, and a Problem

Kindergeek's birthday was earlier this month, but we had to throw him an event!

Small turnout, but that made it really cool cause everyone was able to sit back, relax after a long day, and just chat. KG got some cool gifts, including a twist by Lil' Miss Muffit and Big Truck Crew, they gave him coords and he had to go find his gift!

NevadaWolf attended KinderGeek and the Double Digits

Puzzleman's been telling me about his first puzzle, the one he's been holding onto and waiting for the right place to present itself. He thought he had the perfect hiding method, until some wolf dashed his hopes by semi-complaining about another cache hide that was to be similar. I'm not a Reviewer! But I do know the gist of the guidelines. Sorry man!

So, we're emailing and it's getting late. RoadRunner hasn't posted anything, and I'm off to bed. I check one last time... and there it is. Laying in bed, google searching the answer. Solved and I stare at it debating if I want to bother tonight... oh what the hell. Crawl out of bed and hit the pavement running. Now I've got Puzzleman on email and Bernsports on the phone. Lovely!

We reach the site, and Bern and I with his son begin searching. A few mintues pass and the cache is found! I hadn't answered my email, so Puzzleman calls to see if we're ok. Yep and we all get a chance to chat while standing out in the drizzling cold late late late night.

I love our logs on this one, we had way to much fun!

NevadaWolf found State of Order

My Diabolical cache is set up in such a way that I'm notified when Stage 3 is found and solved. So, I get the notice - then I get a voicemail telling me there's problems. Trekrr and I have nothing to do on a snowy Sunday morning, so we head out to buy parts and then bounce up into the hills and check every stage and replace everything that's needed. Turns out the sun faded one of the stages, and the extreme cold snapped another. Got all fixed and now it's back up and running.

NevadaWolf temporarily disabled Now *This* is Diabolical
NevadaWolf enabled Now *This* is Diabolical

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