Friday, January 9, 2009

The race intensifies


The last couple nights have been insane! RoadRunner posts between 10 and 11, we tear out of the house and try to beat each other until we either meet up, or pass each other and then help on the way back home. It's GREAT!

Plus I've found that being the mobile turtle not only gives me notice of the last one to be published, but also lets us finish the night together. That part is a blast cause we're all tired and slap happy by that point and it becomes more of a social laugh-fest than a cache hunt, though the cache usually does fall to our search... eventually.

NevadaWolf found Uncle Buck

NevadaWolf posted a note for A Tricky Game

NevadaWolf found SHM #123 - CRADLEBAUGH BRIDGE

NevadaWolf found Emergency Cache

NevadaWolf will attend KinderGeek and the Double Digits

NevadaWolf found Dirt or No Dirt, We Got Kicked Off a Bowling League!, There's No Muligans in Caching #2

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