Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dayton and insanity x7

So, Puzzleman asked if I wanted to go caching. Would love to!

We headed out to Dayton where I had the ones he needed and he had the ones I needed. Guarenteed way to not have a single DNF. Spent most of the day out there, covering a good amount of territory and effectively cleaning out the entire area (well, I have one left). Really got to know him and am completely glad to have a new friend in Carson. Nothing introduces folks better than a day of caching around an area that neither of you know very well.

Headed back into town and went our separate ways.

Then, as the evening was drawing to a close, RoadRunner decides to work on the queue. And up pops 6 new caches! I dump them into Tracky, fire up the BT GPS, and jump into the truck, burning rubber to get out and into the race before Puzzleman or Bernsports beat me too everything.

As I'm driving by, I see on my screen I'm passing one! Pull over quickly and look - no, there wasn't 6 - THERE WAS 7!!!

I park and begin frantically searching, but struck out and gave up in hopes of bagging the others. I peel out and head to the SHM - and see that I'm behind in the race by 5 minutes for STF, and 10 minutes for FTF! So, the strategy is to head out to the furthest one and hope beyond hope the others are tied up with the other 4.

I call Puzzleman and I can hear the grin in his voice as he brags he got all 3 FTFs. Um... dude, there was 7 posted. WHAT?! Neither he nor Bernsports are as mobile as I am, so when they leave the house, they cut themselves off from the latest updates.

I meet up with him at the furthest cache and we spend the rest of the time talking and waiting for Bern. He pulls up and turns out he didn't know about the last one either, the one I spent my time looking for.

We turn the race into a caravan and head out, grabbing all but two as one was in a neighborhood and three rigs showing up at midnight is not good and the other was behind a locked fence. Finally all the caches are gotten and we turn our collective attention to the final one. A good 20 minutes go by, we're freezing, Bern spots it first, then Puzzleman and I spot it simultaneously. Great hide and a great night!!!

NevadaWolf found Where's The Water, Desert Bugs, "Eye Was Framed", "Want Some Bush", Above the Rubble, Dino Egg Quick Grab 1, A diller of a Ziller, NevCachers The Two Towers, Gateway to Big "D", The "D" at the Cross Roads, Whistling Pinion Pine, Second Choice, Quad 1, SHM #193 - Historic Flume and Lumberyard, These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things - #2,Lifes Little Goodies, Lets Play Ball, Sticky Rice

NevadaWolf posted a note for A Tricky Game

NevadaWolf posted a note for Rattlesnake MT.

NevadaWolf retrieved Amber

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