Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting out

Oy, new caches in town!

So, I head out to go pick up the ones that have sprouted lately. Today was fun as the caches I'd found were ones that not only were new in town, but the outer ones that I'd been watching for awhile. Plus I'd managed to solve Puzzleman's Not New Jersey cache yesterday, so I had that one also.

After grabbing a handful in Carson, finally went down to pick up Rocks & Lizards - OMG! Awesome Cache!!! This one is highly recommended for the adventure getting to it and the view at the end.

Also zipped up Hwy 50 towards Spooner to grab the few new ones that really mess with you as to which side of the road you need to be on. There's a three foot concrete barrier all the way up!

A fun day of just goofing off, but isn't that what weekends are meant for?

NevadaWolf found Can't See the Forrest Through the Trees, Path to the River?, Not New Jersey, Goni Trail, Rocks & Lizards, Spooner TB & GC Hotel, Hanging in There

NevadaWolf couldn't find Clear Creek-Kings Canyon Fire Memorial

NevadaWolf temporarily disabled Carriage Park

NevadaWolf discovered AG's Travelling British Columbia Coin

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