Friday, February 6, 2009

Another hike, and trying for a streak

Whoa, got busy this week!!

Okay, Sunday, the 1st, I followed Big Truck Crew and Puzzleman up Voltaire Canyon, stopping at each of the four caches up there since P-Man needed them. I was still sore from the V&T Hill hike, but the guys were nice enough to not get too far ahead and glance over their shoulders to make sure I was alright making my way up the hill. Full details available over on my One Thousand Footsteps blog.

After we got down, the backlog of Groundspeak emails finally came through and so I got the notice of a new cache posting just as we emerged from the canyon. However, it was the notice from the night before, meaning we three tore after a cache that had already been found. So, instead we went after another one that might have still had the FTF on it. Took awhile to find, even got the two decoys, before I spotted it. Beaten by 30 minutes - oddly the same amount of time spent going after the false-FTF...

The next day I saw that I had a mini-streak going. My maximum days in a row is a whooping 14! Then Puzzleman came along, found out about that stat, and promptly made it his goal to beat my two weeks. He did, he's now sitting at 16. So, I'm going to try to get back at him. And that night, a new puzzle it posted while I'm in my Remote Sensing class. I look through it, see it has way to much math involved, and see that I'm stuck in class for another two hours. I gave up. So, Trekrr and I found a different cache.

Trekrr decides to try it anyway, we get a very very rough guess, and after finding the easy one, we set out to see if that Jeep is in the area we figured and we'd just spy on Puzzleman. He wasn't there. The consensus is he's already found it, let's go home. On the way, I get an email from P-Man asking if I wanted to go on a road trip to get the puzzle. I learn that it's taken him 2 hours to solve the puzzle and he's just now heading out. Hop out of one rig, and jump into another, and back out.

40 minutes into searching, Trekrr (now home) also solves the puzzle. So between the two of us out there and using the two different coordinates, and a full bone-chilling hour of searching, we eventually find the cache and score the FTF, at 11:57pm - 3 minutes too early to claim the cache for the next day of the streak.

Wednesday, I'm supposed to meet up with Puzzleman to help him with his new multi, but the battery cables in my truck are so corroded that they literally fall off the battery. Dead truck. Panic and a quick run to Toyota gets my little boy ready for the shop. Then over to Starbucks until they close, then over to McDonald's until they close, then head out to pick up another cache. Gotta keep the streak going!

Thursday was bleh, did laundry and then got on the phone to build a list of 25 Beginner Suitable Geocaches. That took 4 hours!! Guess what I didn't get. Ah well, had a 5 day streak going.

Today, Friday, was a Twitter-ific day. A lot happened on Twitter, up to and including having @DelormeGPS make the comment of surviving the "@NevadaWolf Twitter Layoffs" and @daisybones2600 respond by saying that "an additional $30 million was made available for those affected by the @NevadaWolf Twitter Layoffs" Yeah... this is what I put up with over the day on Twitter.

Went to work on my slides finally over at Starbucks and ended up hanging out with Puzzleman there.

But now the weather is drizzling and snowing, hopefully this weekend I'm able to do something productive!!

NevadaWolf found Don’t Get Banked, No Mulligans in Caching #3

NevadaWolf posted a note for Rockabye Egg, Sand Dunes over Carson, Stonehenge over Carson

2/1/2009NevadaWolf archived Th-Egg-rical

NevadaWolf found Scuba Diving in Carson City

NevadaWolf found Cows and Leather, Carson City Earthquake X 3! Where's The Centroid?

NevadaWolf found The $200.00 + Store

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