Friday, February 6, 2009

Introductory Caches

((This is the Bookmark List we've created to show new cachers in Carson a selection of Beginner Friendly styles. You can view the list here: Introductory Caches. The order is simply alphabetical, it means nothing.))

After several years, we have noticed that many new players encounter frustration during their first attempts at geocaching. It is our hope that this list of caches will provide a good introduction to the sport and help new players develop the skills to be more successful cachers. Included are a variety of cache types, sizes, hiding methods, and techniques that many geocachers may encounter.

" Information Please! "
A fairly easy, but clever, micro hide. Also the trailhead for the waterfall hike and three other caches.

This is a Riverview Park cache, with a magnetic micro container.

A Tricky Game
A different type of container.

Agua Pura
A medium-sized cache that helps build navigational skills.

Blanks + Postage
This is a Riverview Park cache, with a large container.

Carson City’s Once Greatest Building
Introduces a micro hide that has easy access and plenty of parking.

Check Out the Tome Collector
Introduces off set coordinates, as well as seeking a cache inside a building.

Crafty One
A different container, but easy.

Desert Stars
A nice hide along an educational walking path.

Dog-gone Friendly
A nice easy multi, that introduces getting information from plaques.

Doggy Doo Doo
Introduces a different hide perspective.

End of the trail
Introduces road navigation and ends with a small hike.

Game, Set, & Match!
A different type of container.

How many taverns can you see from here?
A moderate hike with a great view of south Carson.

An interesting hide and location, especially for a large container.

Industrial Park
Introduces evaluating approaching from different directions.

Night Cap
A common, yet clever, micro hide.

Rest Blissfully
A quick micro where stealth is required.

Runnin' With The Big Dogs
This is a Riverview Park cache, with a large container.

SHM #193 - Historic Flume and Lumberyard
A common hide.

Stand Alone
Introduces a simple but common hide that can be deceptively elusive.

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things - #1
Easy find, a traditional large container.

This one might stump you
This is a Riverview Park cache, with a micro container.

Top Shelf Cache
Makes you think "outside the box".

What Does He Fix?
A good beginner "on-site" puzzle.

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