Sunday, February 15, 2009

Famous List

Whoo hoo!! The list created by Puzzleman and I made the Podcacher Podcast show #204!!

Check it out here:

Valentines Day was spent hanging out with b0neZ and kindergeek, as well as beta-testing a new multi cache created by Puzzleman and helped out a bit by me. The real fun came while we were all crashed out watching Maverik and my phone buzzes for the latest publish by RoadRunner.

We bolt out the door, hoping the Puzzleman is busy with Valentine's family stuff, and knowing the cache belonged to Bernsports, so leaving only a few FTF'ers to chase. We get to the cache site, I stumble around in the dark looking for it, and score! One beautiful blank log sheet to be had!

Sunday, I ran out early with Puzzleman to place the final of his multi, the hide still needed some work yesterday. Then I just killed some time getting two of the newer caches in town before Trekrr and I went to see Coraline.

Enjoyable, though cold and rainy, weekend all told.

NevadaWolf found William Tell Road (Traditional Cache)

NevadaWolf found Cowboys and Indians, A bogey for sure

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Erika Jean said...

congrats. I've never heard of a geocaching pod cast... i must go check it out!!