Friday, February 16, 2007

Thoughts on the GBES

Let me ramble for a bit, as I had a lot of time to think. Plus when I'm up this late, I tend to get morbid and depressing thoughts come to mind. The last week or so, I've been giggling over this sudden interest in NGA, but now I'm not entirely sure it's funny.

I'm out of the loop when it comes to what's going on with GBES. My source was looking in from time to time on the Yahoo page. Mostly I didn't care, only when I got wind something of interest was being talked about would I peak in and follow a thread for awhile, then disappear again.

But I'm worried...

I'm worried because of the sudden increase in activity here and the creation of a Nevada Thread on I'm worried because of the increase in members now straddling the fence between which group to use. Call it joining the dark side, I see it as jumping ship.

I'm worried too that now certain long time members are moderated to the point of not being able to post. I'm worried that now the GBES is a Members Only group. Why the lock down?

I'm worried that the tensions that have been around for years are felt by the newest members at events - where such things should not be. I worry about the increase in flair ups, differing views jumped upon and silenced or driven away.

What's going on? Why does there seem to be a movement of 'something' under the group? I'm alone in my world, talking only to others periodically, and never about GBES. It's not my group, I have no say in it. But why the negativity that I pick up from the multiple people I do talk to? A sadness, or a darkness, 'something'.

I'm worried for the group and scared that 'something' will break them apart. Can you see the fractures forming?

I'm worried...

Pay me no mind, just listen to what I say and move on in your journey. But keep my words somewhere in your thoughts and find me proof that I am wrong or that I am misled.

Should I even post this? I do not wish to ruffle feathers, I only wish ask why. Why are things they way they are. Hurm, just let this thread fall and see where it might land.


Outsider Looking In.... said...

Alas, my dear friend, do not let this keep you up late at night. As I have learned there are 30.7 sides to every story. As an outsider looking in, I've noticed it seems easier for everyone to blame just one person for all the faults of the GBES. And while this person makes themselves such an easy target I refuse to believe/give just one person that much power. Hate and dissatisfaction is a disease that is so easy to spread. While I don't believe in censorship in my everyday life I recognize that the GBES is a family forum. Every society must establish rules within it's community based on the individuals that dwell within it. I know of only two individuals ever limited or prevented from posting (o.k. maybe three if you count the Nude Cacher dude, unfortunately not everyone saw the humour in it that I did). Both times the dialogue became abusive and foul as they attempted to create havoc and spread disease within the community. Yes, I see cracks within the GBES Group, I believe some of them occured way before my time and as an outsider looking in I never say them. But like any cherished artifact, those cracks represent lessons learned, mistakes made. The question is, does one take a chisel to those cracks in hopes to break it apart, or do we nurture it and painstakingly repair those cracks in hopes to make it not what it once was but what it can be. I'm not interested in joining a Vegas Group or a California group. I am proud to be a Northern Nevada Cacher. I believe only the GBES can recognize the differences we must overcome when it comes to cache numbers and terrain difficulty. I choose to acknowledge those cracks and accept them in hopes to build a bigger, better, active, caching community in Northern Nevada, by Northern Nevada cachers.......

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't approve your comment sooner - I never got an email saying it was waiting.

As I said, I'm worried. I've no voice to help repair the cracks, I can only catch the pieces and keep them from further damage. Am I collecting them, yes. Am I trying to keep them from causing more fractures, yes. A safety net, a peacekeeper, this is my view, it is not my place to try to repair.

It is easy to point fingers, but I've seen what few others have seen and heard what possibly no one else has. Can I point a finger at the original point of weakness? Yes...

An artifact that has weathered time with but a few cracks to show its journey is to be honored and prized. But when the potter made a mistake, it is sometimes best to begin again.

Thank you for posting.